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Jan 5, 2022

The animation is gorgeous, the idea is good, the execution is... Not bad, but not as good as the other factors.

Is it worth watching this anime? Yes, of course. I enjoyed it myself, although I noticed a few things during and after watching the movie that I want to share in this review. 

I have no problems with the animation. Still, I've noticed that some snippets are used multiple times, while adding nothing to the plot. In other animes I've seen, the animation has a purpose and the fragments are not superfluous, like here. An example of this is the door closing, in the same shot. The door of the house, the door of the subway, etc. It adds something beautiful, but is not important or related to the plot. 

The story was moving, but some things didn't fit into the puzzle or at least with difficulty. If someone could explain these points clearly I would be happy. These are just some of the questions I asked myself after the film ended. 

How come the two main characters suddenly forget each other's name?

When they both stood side by side towards the end of the film, they could suddenly see each other. Why? Due to the power of love? (despite not interacting once (face-to-face), ever since they swapped into each other's bodies?)

All right, well, they had a conversation once before this, if we're counting face-to-face, but their timelines didn't match back then and Taki didn't recognize Mitsuya.

At the very end they could recognize each other, without any clue. This can actually happen to people in reality, but how often does it happen that two people recognize each other, at the same, exact moment, having walked past each other several times, without the recognition happening?

It would make more sense if one person recognized the other, which they did before - after all, Taki saw Mitsuya standing on the platform. But it is very coincidental that Mitsuya just recognized him too, at that very moment.

About the comet that split in two - wouldn't Itomori's people be long dead if this happened in real life? A meteor travels more than 70,000 kilometers into the atmosphere. How much does the speed of a splitting comet differ?

Why did neither of them think of calling each other and having a conversation with each other? It is more convenient to write down the rules, but they show interest in each other and it is easier to communicate about certain events over the phone than through notes. The only time they try this is when it suits the plot.

Finally, the next scenario was a conscious choice - the question is why.

During the splitting of the comet, Mitsuya storms into the room at the last minute, after somehow seeing Taki. She approaches her father, determined, and just before she begins to convince her father, the scene is cut off. One could argue that this is because of the budget. But if you remember my first point about the recurring snippets, wouldn't it have made more sense to cut some of them and show the conversation instead? Or one could argue that this is a style, but personally I find it a bit lazy. I don't have a big problem with that per se, so it didn't affect my rating, it was just something that caught my attention.

 These points seem to me to be simply plot convenience. I understand that this is a story and some details don't matter to the story because of the plot. But many things go unanswered and we call it plotholes, just like the "hole" the meteorite formed when it hit Itomori. Sorry, lame joke.

 What I did like was their interactions while they were stuck in each other's bodies: the writing on each other's hands or face, the memos, drawings and notes. It does indeed make it nicer than just calling - too bad they didn't do that at least once in all those weeks. 

 I hope I didn't ruin your experience of the movie - everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and I enjoyed this movie too, hence the still fairly high rating, 3.5/5. These thoughts suddenly came to me and I wanted to share.

5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
6.6/10 overall
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OneEyeMonkey Jan 5, 2022

Good review most of the things i thought as well but i think this movie was made to go with flow not to think about it. Same happended to me but after half of movie i just gave up...