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Hi, I like anime is 

Hunter X Hunter Prince of tennis
NARUTO Teskjekjerringa BLEACH
Fairy Tail

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Matryoshka Jul 18, 2012

Hi and I'm very sorry for not answer you *bows* although it was me who started conversation x_X I totally forget about Anime-Planet >.<' Sorry! :OAnd me, how i'm doing... hm.. fine xD or not, it's summer and I don't like when it's hot or sunny weather..... *dying* (x_x)How about you? ^^

chikoritaBH Jun 25, 2012

Yes, watch Black Jack anime... :D It's nice.

You have some cosplays? :O I'm not a fan of cosplaying but seeing some else is sometimes really fun. Show yourself!!! :D

Btw. Sorry for the late reply. I was abroad.

Oh, I will add you to my friends. :D 

chikoritaBH Jun 17, 2012

If you mean these two characters:



Then yeah, you will find both of them in Black Jack animes... :)

Your father is a manga collector? :) Wow... :D I have bought only 2 mangas... I'm not a guy who spends money for otaku stuff... xD

chikoritaBH Jun 17, 2012

You are welcome. :D Yeah, Black Jack is an interesting anime. I like Tezuka Productions's works and Black Jack is one of the best. Black Jack is a master in using a scalpel. :D

If you wanna be a woman doctor, you will have to see it. xD xD

chikoritaBH Jun 16, 2012

Welcome to A-P! :D How are you? :)

Oh, Nadia... I have to finish this anime... xD More than 3 month in my watching list and I have seen only 4 episodes. xD

Btw: Fix your bio. There is a typo. "Fairy Tail". :D