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The premise of this anime sounded promising, and I'm sure if they decided to remake this it would be a pretty good show.  The cover artwork is misleading as it looks very clean and modern, especially for being a late 90s anime.  However I dropped this after suffering two episodes, and normally I'll give it a good go before walking away.

The story seems good, a girl in school who strives to be perfect in everything, is actually a slob and wears glasses and a tracksuit at home.  A boy in her class who she considers her rival, actually likes her and after she blows his love confession out of the water he accidentally discovers the truth about her and uses it to his advantage.

The problems with this anime are immediate.  The female VA seems to have been directed to get the entire script done in under 60 seconds, so your ears are treated to a verbal bashing akin to someone yelling something important to you as they speed past you on the bullet train.

The male VA sounds like he is just phoning it in, very lifeless and sounds older than the fifteen years he is meant to be.  

To the artwork, which at first looks clean and modern, very quickly you notice the quality is not very good at all.  Sometimes the characters mouths don't move when they are speaking, sometimes they move too much.  The artwork flits constantly between normal and a weird chibi style that's more like a shorter fatter version of the main character, to stills from the manga.  Whoever edited it was like a kid with a new toy and wanted to get as many cuts in as possible so you barely have time to process what is on the screen before the scene changes again.

Im not an anime snob. Whilst I love some of the detail and scenery included in more recent anime, I still love the style and energy of 90s anime.   But, when you compare this to other anime from the same decade - sailor moon and wedding peach for example - this show is very poor in comparison.  I recently finishe cardcaptor Sakura which was made the same year and the quality is light years apart.  

From what I've read the quality only gets worse.  The writer didn't like what the anime did to the story, and the director left half way through, although this does not account for the very poor start.  

The music is irritating and blares over the top of the already shouty speed talking main character.

Overall this could have been better.  I hope someone chooses to remake it one day, as the story sounds good on paper.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
2/10 overall

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