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Ao Haru Ride

Jul 12, 2018

Okay I'm going to be the odd one out. I hated this manga. The difficulties that the characters faced and everything was so hard to read by chapter 34 I felt nauseated which is pathetic I know but I couldnt handle that kind of stress. Like its great and all. I loved the beginning and the momentum was going great but then this chick randomly pops up and derails everything like a freight train on a broken track and it was awful :(. Even though the ending was a happy one it was stifled by the stress i endured for like 30 plus chapters. I dont think i could ever reread this. Let alone watch a second season if it ever came out. It was so stressful >.< 

That being said a lot of people do love this manga and i can see why. It is told really well with lots of character development but im weak to stressful situations like that. 

6/10 story
9/10 art
7/10 characters
6/10 overall

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shuchi00 Dec 23, 2021

youre not weak, im not gonna lie i loved this manga but the stress genuinely affected my mental health. i love the manga but i dont want to read it again because it was genuinely so tolling for my mental health. imo the fluff did not make up for how much angst there was and although i love it holy shit. never again. 

keithashiyami Nov 23, 2020

Nah, you're not odd. I didn't like it too much, too. Especially the love square part.

ironiaburra Feb 26, 2020