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Jul 10, 2018

This anime is about a homunculus who abtains the ability to think for himself who at first appearance doesn't seem like an important character and then shoves his way to the front lines because after three days of living he wants to save everyone.

If that sounded kind of bitter its cause it kinda was. 

This anime is something I've been wanting to see for awhile and holding off because I was afraid it would be bad and be a stain on the love I have for Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night. Its not as good as those animes but its isn't god awful. 

The story sometimes was just all over the place and confusing. Like the homunculus named Sieg, his ability to self rationalize and sacrifice is just so overwhelming high for someone who was just created into the word and I had a hard time accepting that so easily. I don't necessarily dislike his character but honeslty I felt that this anime could have done just as well without him. Not to manage the lackluster romance between him and Jeanne D'arc just felt so....bleh to me. I know not everyone feels that way but to me it just didn't come across as naturally as I would have liked. 

Now that being said there were things I liked about this anime. The necromancer and his saber were characters I consistedly enjoyed throughout the series and I did like the romance between Achilles and Atalanta if you can call it a 'romance' it was very subtle but it was very kind and so sad *tear*. 

Semiramis and Shirou romance was pretty out of the blue but obvious at the same time. Either way I was touched by them at the ending even though I felt nothing for them throughout the show. 

I HATED Jack the Ripper at first because it was a little girl in a thong but they really executed that story at the end and gave that character so much dimension I felt it added a lot to the series and to Atalanta's character. 

I felt that Vlad and the Golem Adam back to back as world threatening problems was unnecessary. One is fine...or some spacing at least. 

And I thought the ending with Jeanne and Sieg was dumb. I liked how it ended on a bitter sweet note. IT WAS WAR. Servants are suppose to disappear forever and Sieg's sacrifice was GOOD. But happy endings aren't bad either. 

One great thing, the battle scenes. Fate never disappoints me with those thats for sure. 

Anywho I could keep going but if you're interested just watch it. Its not the greatest anime of all time but its not bad. In the end I'm glad to have watched it, but I'm also glad its over with XD. 

7/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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