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My Hero Academia

Dec 13, 2017

So I read reviews about this anime before posting one and I saw lots of other people's comparsion's to One Punch Man and I honestly don't get that vibe at all. There are super heroes and the main character does have an op punch but I mean this series isn't like a gag that I feel like One Punch Man is. One Punch Man is like a comedy while this is something that's supposed to be emotional and heartfelt. Are we going to compare every anime that has heroes and super strength to One Punch Man now? Is that a thing? Hero based stories are gaining popularity and I feel like we should take them at a different face value. 

Now for the actual review. I went into this anime really negative, I didn't like the way the art looked and the story appeared to be stupid but I felt like it was overall actually really good. The art grows on you for the most part, its not awful I just feel like its an older style we're not really use to. It honestly reminds me a lot of Kill la Kill sometimes. 

The story is good, overused in some parts but I feel like the main character's drive really gives this anime something worth watching. The characters don't really experience a lot of growth (beside's the main one) but there is subtle growth with certain characters and I'm sure with the continuing seasons there will be a lot more to see. 

Overall really enjoyed it and am excited to see the rest. 

8/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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SHOTO777 Apr 1, 2021

I agree with you completely! I found My Hero Academia entertaining, and I even found myself crying at certain parts because the entire anime/manga felt so real, even if superpowers don't exist! I was so happy when I was reading the manga and watching the anime that it just inspired me so much! I first heard about it from a good friend of mine, and at first, I thought it sounded kinda weird and forgot about it for a while. Then the pandemic hit, and I found myself with nothing to do but boring schoolwork, so I began to read comics and manga, which eventually led to my anime-nerd phase (AKA now), and watching this anime made me feel so energetic, it just pumps me up with good vibes! I can't wait for the new manga and anime seasons to come out, and I just know they'll be just as amazing as the previous chapters, if not more so!