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Tsuredure Children

Sep 21, 2017

I absolutley love this series and am leaving a review because I only saw one other and I was so disappointed that more people haven't left this series more lovely reviews. Let me just begin by saying this anime was so refreshing! The couples were actually straight forward for the most part and we actually get to see different view points of different people who fall in love with each other and we get to watch them actually confess and do something about it and that makes me so happy I can't even explain it. Honestly my favorite are probably Goda and Kamine because I just love the strong silent shy type guys and shy and gentle girls that aren't annoying but I also loved the other couples as well! I honestly cried when I thought Goda was rejecting Kamine because I was so invested in them already and it was only like episode 4! 

The art was adorable, the eyes are a bit exaggerated at times but whatever! The story was just great but there were some stories I kinda skipped through because I just wanted to watch the real couples that mattered man! Sound was good and the characters were just lovely and I definitely suggest this if you're tired of watching 100 plus episodes while just waiting for a couple to get together and nothing happens and its just stupid tension! These are short 13 minute episodes and there's only 12 of them so its an easy and enjoyable watch!

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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