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Mightyena Jan 19, 2018

Sorry for the really late response, I used to force myself to finish series but I found myself finding too many series I just didn't enjoy and had less time to watch as many series :( 

I'm not sure if there's way to organise stuff well, you can always make a list like mine which is only visible to yourself if that helps!

Mightyena Jan 3, 2018

Sorry about dropping a couple of your favourites :(  I'm really not good at watching super long series (like Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto etc) so tend to drop them pretty early. Usually it's not because I dislike them though or anything, one of my favourite series is Gintama and I still struggle to watch it because of how much there is!

As for my won't watch list, it's just for me to separate movies from my want to watch list haha

Mightyena Jan 2, 2018

I'll try to watch it soon, always up for a good romantic comedy ^^

Yeah I'm a big fan of the characters in those shows, they're very sweet! I'm glad my lists (hopefully) helped you out! I've been trying to make them a bit more detailed to help but I've not had tons of time to do so unfortunately.

Mightyena Jan 1, 2018

Don't worry, there's no rush or need to do anything on here if you don't want to. I don't think I've even heard of that series though, I'll have to check it out ^^

My profile picture is Komari Koshigaya from Non Non Biyori, and my header is the cast of Sakurasou no pet na kanojo c:

Mightyena Dec 31, 2017

Thanks for the follow, I returned the favour :) 

Your profile picture is really cute, what's she from?