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sukinova777 Jan 5, 2018

 Aww Thanks, Violet! Really appreciate the sweet welcome!! <3 

Uhhhyep Jan 5, 2018

Thank you.  Ive been trying to get back into anime for a while now.  I only really kinda watch what i can find on tv.  There is just so much out there.  Thanks for the comment.  

Xontron Jan 5, 2018

Thank you Sophia for your warm welcome.  I just need to let you know that when it comes to social etiquette I'm a bit of a newbie.  I've never enrolled in Facebook or Twitter, or anything of the sort, so if I say or do anything that's inappropriate or wrong just let me know and I'll correct it.  Thanks again.

Histoire Jan 5, 2018

Hihi! Thank you for welcoming me to this site~! ^^

halfanhour31 Jan 5, 2018

thanks ihope that too!! hhh