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sukinova777 Jan 5, 2018

Yay! Thanks so much!! I'll definitly get in touch w her. :D 

sukinova777 Jan 5, 2018

Oh thanks! Actually, your help might be great if you can.. I'm a voice actress who played characters in DBGT and a few other shows. I am married now and have a new last name. I'd like to update my cast name and add a couple credits.. Do you happen to know how I can do that? Thanks, Violet! <3 

sukinova777 Jan 5, 2018

 Aww Thanks, Violet! Really appreciate the sweet welcome!! <3 

Uhhhyep Jan 5, 2018

Thank you.  Ive been trying to get back into anime for a while now.  I only really kinda watch what i can find on tv.  There is just so much out there.  Thanks for the comment.  

Xontron Jan 5, 2018

Thank you Sophia for your warm welcome.  I just need to let you know that when it comes to social etiquette I'm a bit of a newbie.  I've never enrolled in Facebook or Twitter, or anything of the sort, so if I say or do anything that's inappropriate or wrong just let me know and I'll correct it.  Thanks again.