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xNyaNCaT Jan 7, 2018

Thanks for clearing it up, It was unbearable for me to watch a male be so feminine ( ‾ʖ̯‾)

Queenslyer14 Jan 7, 2018

What are your recommendations for anime’s to watch? I’ve seen a few 

Queenslyer14 Jan 7, 2018

Hello thanks i was wondering how or if we are able to watch anime here? I’m trying to watch Dragon Ball Z Kia but I have no luck 

Suyuki Jan 7, 2018

hi Zofia! Thanks for welcoming me here in Anime Planet. ❤

amyrose1008 Jan 7, 2018

Thanks for the warm welcome! I will probably just use it to keep track of what I have watched and suggestions for new ones to me  :D