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Kieron2600 Feb 1, 2018

love the GIF its my favorite anime

AQDiva Jan 12, 2018

Hi Hi thank you too! I've looked at anime planet for about a year for recommendations.

Sakusan Jan 10, 2018

Thank you! Worked on it for quite some time. (〜^∇^)〜

It works, I guess. Actually, I'm struggling quite a lot with my mental health atm (not sure if you want to hear about it? I don't want to trigger you), so it's been better.

How about you, how are you doing?

Sykes Jan 10, 2018

Totally second that Sakusan ^^! Nice avatar <3

Sakusan Jan 9, 2018

Hi, how are you?

I just have to say, I love your profile page! c: