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My Hero Academia

Dec 14, 2020

My current thoughts up to Chapter 294: Will be including SPOILERS cause I like to analyze everything when I review:

MHA has been in its longest arc up to date(the liberation war arc), and sadly I can't see myself continuing the series any longer. I'm no stranger to long arcs, I just can't find anything to keep me going at this point.

Partly due to the art, cause honestly I feel like some of the character designs are silly to the point where I can't take them seriously. One example being Best Jeanist, he's supposed to be a mentor figure to Bakugo and yet he has a pair of jeans for a turtleneck.

He wouldn't have to fight the villains cause they would be too busy laughing at him. Maybe the point of MHA's art is to be goofy sometimes, but that's just not the type of shounen art that I like. And superheros can have really cool designs, like Spider-Man, Batman Beyond, and also Ben 10, cause who doesn't like seeing a ten year old boy turning into all of these cool alien lifeforms.

Regarding characters, there has also been a character reveal of Dabi being revealed to be Toya, the son of Endeavor. Which was foreshadowed of course, but I just didn't feel the impact as much as I should have. And I think part of the problem is how much the story jumps around. Its nice that the author is focusing on more than just one character during the story, but I wonder if maybe the author could spend more time on characters.

One example being Mirio/Lemillion, since he got back to being a superhero because Eri restored his quirk with her rewind quirk. The author explains it after the fact, and seeing how he got it back so quickly makes his sacrifice in the Overhaul arc feel less meaningful.

And one thing I can say for sure is that Midoriya still acts the same way, jumping into the fight with Shigaraki without really thinking of the consequences to himself. I get that he wants to protect the people he cares about, but you can't protect people if you're dead. Its no wonder why Bakugo had to jump in to take a serious injury for Midoriya, Naruto-style. Midoriya has all of these relationships with his teacher and also his rival, but what about the protagonist himself, where is Kohei trying to go with Midoriya?

If there is an answer to that question, then I feel too tired at this point to be waiting for it. I get that the author is trying to explore a superhero society, but I feel that the pacing of the story is not to my liking. Pacing will always feel subjective in regards to anime/manga fans and what they want out of a series.

What I do know is that I'm tired and I have no intention of starting 2021 while still reading MHA. A college friend of mine originally recommended the series for me, and I think he meant well, but unfortunately I can't see myself reading anymore of MHA.

5/10 story
4/10 art
5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Ongaya123 Jul 28, 2022

I perfectly understand not liking the story or not liking the character designs. Hell i've criticized these myself. But the best thing Horikoshi is good at is his art is some of the best out of all new shounen mangaka by a decent margin. I'd argue he's the best shounen artist in the last couple of years.

SirOreo Feb 11, 2022

Did you change your mind? The stuff happening now is pretty cool. In the event you did start reading it again, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.