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Jan 30, 2018

The one anime movie that I saw on Toonami that got me hyped a few years back will forever be remembered as the day I first saw Akira. As soon as I heard it had a manga I had a feeling I would read it sooner or later and now that I have its time to share my thoughts on why Akira deserves to be called a masterpiece.

Story- In the aftermath of World War 3, the city known as Neo-Tokyo is built as a replacement for Tokyo. However, it doesn't take long for the war to start fading as corruption, crime, and civil strife start to tear the city apart. The military has started a secret project in developing humans with psychic powers in hopes of helping the city with its problems. When one of the test subjects escape, they will do whatever they can to recover the subject and to keep the project hidden. Tetsou, one of the guys from Kaneda's biker gang gets directly involved with the escaped subject, and from there that's where everything begins. The movie feels abbreviated compared to the manga itself because of the difference in detail. There are so many characters and story details that get fleshed out more in the manga because the author has much more time to tell the story in comparison to the movie. And you never have to wait long cause the pacing has the ideal quickness to it, going from one event to the next. Actually had to pace myself slower because of that, take my time so I could enjoy it longer. And the ending itself was pretty satisfying, wrapping up on a strong note that'll last with me for a long time to come.

Art- The way Otomo sets up the panels for the series is actually what helps revolutionizes the manga industry, as well as some of the scenes that left an impression on me, both the ones that were beautiful and the ones that were horrifying. Otomo had the ideal artstyle that fit the thriller vibes I had with the series, fitting the characters and the atmosphere of the series.

Characters- The author was very smart with how he wrote his characters. I really loved Kaneda, how he was funny and how he reacted humanly to the changing situation, when he's honest and straightforward with other characters, he is the character that takes matters into his own hands, even when he fights against Tetsou, making me cheer for him more and more. There is Kei, the girl who was involved with rebelling against the hidden millitary project, that grows closer with Kaneda during the course of the series. Then there is Tetsou, the main antagonist and childhood friend of Kaneda who becomes the driving force for him throughout the series. Even the side characters get some good development, showing how epic the author is.

Overall- I was extremely satisfied with Akira the manga. It showed society at its worst, the strength of the human spirit, how politically intriguing during its story. I can see why Akira got reissued, it sets the ideal standard for other manga. I am even willing to recommend this series to those who are more watchers than readers, cause this is a series you have to read, one way or another. Akira is just that awesome!

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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