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Story- This story arc of Jojo begins in Italy where Giorno Giovanna, the son of Dio Brando, begins his path towards becoming a gang boss. He meets Bucciarati a little bit in the story and from there they begin to make plans to take down the boss of the organization. With the pure goal of reforming the mafia from the inside out, and from there Jotaro let's him live his life. Giorno ultimately joins a squad of Passione, a Stand-using mafia, led by Bruno Bucciarati, who leads Giorno, Leone Abbacchio, Guido Mista, Narancia Ghirga, and Pannacotta Fugo on a mission to Capri to retrieve his former superior's riches, being attacked by rival mafioso along the way, and then are tasked by Passione's boss to escort his daughter Trish Una throughout Italy and protect her from others in the gang who wish to use her to find out his identity.

Characters- There was one theme that I felt that was recurring with the main characters and that was resilience. All of the main characters came from crappy circumstances but they don't let it turn them into shitty people. Take Giorno for example, he was born of Dio, one of the most evil, dastardly people who had ever lived, and look how different his character is compared to him. He chooses to follow what he believes to be right, even if the world doesn't agree with him. Even in the face of death they don't allow themselves to become sleeping slaves of fate. Although they can't change their fate, the circumstances they were born and find themselves in, but they don't run away from them either. They face it with preparedness. Diavolo however stands against all of that. While all of the other characters dealt with their hand of fate, Diavolo got very, very, very, lucky. And he takes this as a sign that he's meant to be better than everybody else. He essentially believes fate choose him to rule. We all know how he treats good fortune, bad fortune on the other hand he does not. Unlike the main characters he tries to bury it. While he obsesses with control, his entire life is dominated by things he cannot control. His goal and reasons born of circumstance he attributes to fate, with all his threats are products of the past, which are impossible to destroy, meaning he's really a sleeping slave of fate. There's also the fact that he believes himself to be invincible. So long as he's careful he'll believe that he'll never fail. He's denies his death so much that he fears it incessantly. The final fight has Giorno expalining how reality is the only thing that lasts in this world and decisions based on reality will last forever. Even though Bruno, Abbachio and Narancia are dead, their wills will never disappear. The people that can accept fate and not let it define them, those that meet their fate with preparedness and yet still take action they feel is right, their decisions are the ones that are true and can never be destroyed. Giorno wonders if Diavolo's actions come from reality and if they'll last or are nonsensical ambitions that are doomed to failed. Giorno in the final fight says "I wonder if you can be annihalated forever boss?" meaning Diavolo spent his entire reign avoiding fate and reality. Instead of acknowledging what he couldn't control, he tried to bury it. So in the end he expected fate to always protect him and keep him safe. But Giorno is saying that Bruno and the others would never really die because they acknowleged their own misfortunes and eventual deaths, leaving their wills and their memories to carry on in the minds of the survivors. Diavolo's attempts to save himself from ruination ironically makes it so that no one will ever remember him. He is never immortal, he would never be immortal with this line of thinking. So in the end Golden Experience Requiem ironically gives Diavolo the immortality he's always wanted but one where he'll never reach reality. Nothing he does will ever last or make an impact, including his own deaths or the infinity of them. So it only serves to make him more miserable and sinks into his own crazed paranoia, spending his own last page moments screaming at a little girl to get away from him. So in the end I felt a huge existential message behind all of this, making me all the more happier that I learned all this from NZAnimeManga, so all the credit and thanks goes out to this awesome youtuber. A discussion of reality and fate, the fate found in their blood, which is something very cool to Jojo. Happy to know that Diavolo is a really well written character that all ties in very well with Giorno. And it really makes the stand Golden Experience Requiem not a deus ex machina, but a perfect ending to a perfectly flawed villain.            

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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