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Ten Series with Arcs that Ruin the Series

Ever felt like you got into a new series, then you reach that arc that ruins the series? That's what this list is all about.
1 The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

It established the fact that characters can die early on if they were caught off guard or ill-prepared. The characters even met others who revealed a lot about the world they lived in and helped them survived. Its around the point where the Goldie Pond arc begins where the author makes poor writing choices. During the arc that felt like a battle royal, every single one of the human characters survived. Even the ones who had serious injuries. Although I feel the series was too popular at that point where the author didn't feel like taking risks. The author does kill off a few characters in the next arc, but it felt obvious that was going to happen.

More shit does happen, like fake character deaths and further down the story, poor antagonist portrayals. The series has yet to finish and yet its probably one of the newer shounen series that has disappointed me the most.

2 D.Gray-Man


First off, DGM did not portray itself mainly as a battle shounen at first, not as its main focus anyway. It was built around tragedy with some of the characters, which actually felt good. And then the Japan arc happened. It focused a lot with the exorcists fighting against the Noahs, who aren't really developed as antagonists. What are their motivations, their reasons, other than the exorcists being their enemies. The author never really explains all that during the arc, so they come off as weak antagonists. And then the series becomes a straight-up battle shounen with no concrete goal in mind, other than collecting innocence.

Allen is revealed to be a Noah after several chapters, and other than that, the author hasn't really developed the protagonist since before the Japan arc. The author's health hasn't been the best so its out of thoughtfulness that I'm finishing the series. It still doesn't change the fact that I've been disappointed by the series.

3 Naruto


For a while, Naruto had its good moments, even during part 2. Even if the direction Kishimoto went with Sasuke wasn't the best. That all changed with the Pain arc though. Character deaths that were no longer permanent, and the fourth hokage being revealed to be Naruto's father. That was a big mistake on Kishimoto's part. Cause it destroyed how Naruto's character was built, being how he's an orphan who came from nothing and yet could make something of himself. But the reveal with Minato makes it feel like Naruto's achievements were served on a silver platter. That plus other problems in the series made the series feel disappointing.

4 Bleach


One of the reasons I think Bleach couldn't maintain itself was because Tite Kubo couldn't plan the story for the long term. And this shows itself during the third arc, the Arrancar arc. So many elements were reused, like Orihime being the damsel instead of Rukia. And Ichigo invading a spiritual realm like with the soul society. Having a protagonist driven by impulse a majority of the time is not a good way to portray a protagonist. There were archetypes of the captains that the espada were based off of too. And a lot of people thought Aizen was the last antagonist cause Kubo didn't really foreshadow anything in the background of the Arrancar arc. So its quite understandable that people would be disappointed with this arc. Personally I would just label the arcs after the Soul society arc as fanfiction.

5 Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

I thought that Gohan had a great coming of age moment when it came to defeating Cell towards the end of the Cell arc. Overall, that was the highest point Akira Toriyama could have ended the series at. Unfortunately, he chose not to. The Buu arc brought a lot of problems. Akira tried to make Gohan the protagonist, but he gave up the idea. If it wasn't going to work why did he bother? There's this attempt at being humorous, something that was prevalent in Dragon Ball. But DBZ just couldn't bring an element like that back out of nowhere. Although Mr. Satan did show shades of humor during the Cell saga, even though people had mixed reactions to the character. Characters get sidelined, and Vegeta instantly becomes a villain cause of plot. And Evil Buu doesn't really have depth compared to Frieza and Cell. He's just an unpredictable monster who wants to destroy everything. The arc is just stretched, just like the power escalation. Just thinking about the arc depresses me.

6 Magi


Magi has some things going for it. Though it took a while, it is explained where the dungeons come from, and what role Aladdin's parents had in the story. Even Aladdin had a goal that was building up in the story, uniting society and making everyone equal. And then the final arc with Sinbad happened. I know Sinbad hasn't been a completely good character, but what he attempted felt a bit extreme, ending the cycle of life and death. Even though it doesn't happen, it still affected the story and ending. Personally I thought Sinbad's actions in the final arc felt forced, but I think Ohtaka's editors pressured her to make that decision. Its a shame really.

7 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Like with other shounen series, Nura just kept going and going. And then the characters have to fight Abe no Seimei's servants. It doesn't help that some of the characters weren't getting as much development. Though personally I think the last arc wasn't doing too well and then the author has to end the series. Which explains why the last arc feels a bit rushed.



For a portion of the series, I enjoyed the protagonist solving cases with supernatural creatures being involved. Its during the last half of the series where it becomes a straight up battle shounen with the Four Horsemen. Why would the author change the tone of the series like that, it makes no sense.

9 Yami no Purple Eye

Yami no Purple Eye

The protagonist can turn into a leopard due to being born with the ability. It feels like the series has a lot of potiential. And then the structure of the first arc feels messed up, due to Sonehara as the antagonist. She is not an antagonist I can like, and for whatever reason, she doesn't die at the end of the first arc. The author made a huge mistake keeping Sonehara in the story. A series that not only disappoints but is frustrating as well.

10 Übel Blatt

Übel Blatt

The author did a pretty good job developing Koinzell as a protagonist. And after a bit, it finally built up to a first major fight with Glenn. But from what I can gather, the latest volumes of Ubel Blatt must not have been selling as well. Which may explain why the author was forced to rush the last story arc. I haven't read it completely yet, but I get the feeling I'm going to be disappointed to some extent.


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