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Characters I like That look Good in Pink

All the characters in anime/manga that I remember and like for the color pink.

My Top Ten Favorite Anime of 2018

To mark the occasion, and as a reminder to myself, these are the top ten anime that left the biggest emotional impact on myself.

My Top Ten Favorite Anime of 2019

After seeing 2019 fly by, I've again decided to make up a list of anime that have impacted me the most.

My Top Ten Favorite Anime of 2020

This is the list of anime that I happened to like that came out in 2020. They all have a reason why they're on this list.

My Top Twenty Favorite Dubbed Anime

After years of watching anime, I am making a list of my favorite anime that I think had some of the best English voice acting.

Ten Series with Arcs that Ruin the Series

Ever felt like you got into a new series, then you reach that arc that ruins the series? That's what this list is all about.

Top Ten Anime Characters Who Can Pull Off Scorpion's Get Over Here Move from Mortal Kombat

Since I enjoy fighting anime I thought I would make a list of characters who could pull off that iconic move.

Top Ten Anime Characters who could perform Animalities like in the Mortal Kombat games

Its pretty cool seeing anime characters turn into animals/partial animal to get the upper hand on their opponents and this is a list devoted to that theme.

Top Ten Favorite Manga to Read During the Month of Horror

Seeing how its the month of Horror, its time that I created my own list of series relating to Halloween. Monsters, psychological horror, anything that comes off feeling Halloween-ish.

Top Ten Manga with the Best Opening Chapters

Sometimes the best way to get people hyped about a series is to leave a strong impression with the first chapter.