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T3M1T0L4 Oct 30, 2018

I see, I can't multitask like that. If i'm watching one anime, I can't have another i'm watching at the same time on the side. I have to finnish one, either complete or drop it then move on. My stalled list is a few anime's I watched a while ago but never continued to finnished it but wouldn't drop it or continue it just yet.

"People should be skeptical before jumping into an anime they don't know about"

Definitely, especially that there are many kinds of anime. if I was careless, I could end up watching some highschool gay romance about two boys. That's why I have an average rating of 3.6. I don't bother watching anime I know I wont like so I don't rate them. 

T3M1T0L4 Oct 25, 2018

Gungrave has a New york mafia theme about a badass hitman who turns against the mafia he grew in. There is monsters and broken-romance too.

Let me know if you are interested in looking for a certain type of anime or have questions about ones i've watched; I might be helpful. 

Zetman is interesting too. They are both in your "want to watch" list. Although I see your're watching 25 shows at the moment.

T3M1T0L4 Oct 24, 2018

What you like in your animes is what I like ._. Although for yandere, I prefer male characters. I really enjoy fantasy and horror themes too because the anime for them are usually well made and intriguing. Check out my rated animes, I think you may find some you would like. I recommend Gungrave.

Thrawn Sep 24, 2018

On Dark Myth: It does, slaps together a bunch of aspects from different religions and calls it a day. And Buddha by Osamu Tezuka is a masterpiece, a super masterpiece compared to Dark Myth.

Melancho Feb 26, 2016

dark fantasy... well i dont know much of them sorry i'm more into other stuff :D