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Hello to all of my fellow anime lovers!

Hello, I'm the Ebony Slayer, Kenny, and welcome to my profile. Just your average guy from Rochester, New York. I've been an anime fan for a while now, and having seen quite a few of them, I would consider myself quite the expert.

However, to be more specific, I went through some phases before becoming more fully involved in anime and manga. The first phase would be the animes I saw as a kid, such as Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-gi-oh and others (DBZ). When I was in middle school I picked up my first issue of Weekly Shonen Jump at a grocery store near my neighborhood. Before long I was checking out volumes of Bleach, Naruto, Claymore, Dragon Ball, Ultimate Muscle, Flame of Recca, Rave Master, Eyeshield 21, Hunter x Hunter and others from the local Florence library.

My 2nd phase would be in high school, where I discovered I could read manga online, which I spent during my typing class (I definitely wasted a lot of work time!) and with my brother in the school library. There was a after school club which had tv and Maguzi on Cartoonnetwork, that had shows like Zatch Bell, Yu-gi-oh GX, and original Naruto. After moving back to New York, my brother and I saw that Bleach was on adult swim, and got into shows like Megaman NT Warrior and Rurouni Kenshin. Even got up early on school days to see Inu-yasha on Cartoonnetwork. That is for the most part my early history of how I got into manga and anime, plus its nice when there's an anime club at the Monroe Community college. 

At the moment my personal favorite manga is The Promised Neverland and my favorite anime has to be Yu Yu Hakusho. I can be laidback, a bit cynical at times but for the most part an optimist, honest, funny, an altogether decent guy. I personally think trolls are a waste of space and I will spot one from far away. Although I'm not looking for followers, you're free to follow if you wish. I love catchy music, rock music, jazzy music, anything that leaves a powerful impression on my soul. Although I do care about my eyecandy, art doesn't always dissuade me from getting into an anime. What matters the most is the content itself, therefore I'm pretty openminded when it comes to most anime. Fantasy is the genre I'm most into, but every now and then I don't mind some horror, cause I consider horror to be one of my absolute favorite genres. If anyone knows of any good ones please tell me. I consider myself a cat lover, egalitarian, book reader, somewhat an athlete. I'm for the most part an outgoing guy, not just a shut in otaku. Snakes are my spirit animal. Optimistic pessimist, as well as outgoing introvert.

My favorite English voice-actors have to be Eric Vale, Austin Tindle, and Brina Palencia, and my favorite Japanese voice-actor(s) have to be Kenshō Ono, Junichi Suwabe and Yūki Ono.

As for my favorite romantic couple in anime/manga, I can definitely say Emma and Norman from The Promised Neverland, although I still love Ganta and Shiro from Deadman Wonderland as a couple.

1st Manga- Dragonball

200th Manga- Devilman

230th Manga- Asklepios

250th Manga- Azumanga Daioh

260th Manga- Count Over (one shot)

270th Manga- Haco (one shot)

280th Manga- Goblin Night (one shot)

290th Manga- Piercing (one shot)

300th Manga- Tokyo Ghoul:re

310th Manga- Hoshin Engi- This manga was so awesome! Taikobo was a really fun protagonist, and I remember reading some of the series when I was a kid. So to finally finish the series felt grand, although to be honest it was the 2018 anime adaption that made me want to read the series again. To think bad anime adaptions will make people read manga more is sort of a bad joke. Not to say it wasn't without its bad chapters, this was a fun series I enjoyed. Definitely one of the Shonen Jump classics!

320th Manga- Pokemon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire- Phew, I have almost finally caught up on Pokemon Adventure or as fans will also call it, Pokemon Special. This series is so dope, this is like the definitive pokemon story that fans of the games and the anime will greatly appreciate. I also think Ruby and Sapphire is one of the cutest pokemon series couples. That was definitely the strongest part of the arc!

330th Manga- Pokemon XY- I finally finished the XY arc. It was really inspiring to see X come out of his shell during the story, and it felt awesome seeing his friends giving his support. Team Flare and some of the themes of the arc felt dark and mature. It left me thinking about how it related to real life. Lysandre was such a tragic antagonist, and the arc showed how you can't dwell on despair or force your ideals on others. You have to find meaning in your life, like with X. I'll be remembering this arc for quite some time.

340th Manga- Citrus- And I finished my first Yuri manga, which happened to be sorta mainstream. The author had to cut corners with the ending but overall it still felt memoriable with Mei and Yuza's wedding. Looking forward to the spin off series this winter 2019!

350th Manga- 20th Century Boys- I finally got to reading another of Urasawa's works! I get caught up in reading other stuff and lose track. Typically, not always, I have the bad luck to get into a bad series. Not to say Chio's School Road is bad, it feels very cliche. So I got into 20CB and I fell in love with Urasawa's passionate writing again. Murders have happened, the protagonist is drawn into a conspiracy and the world is in turmoil from the influence of Friend. I loved how the series made me think, the greatest achievement any manga can do. Plan to read part 2 soon!

360th Manga- Urusei Yatsura- This was the very first series Rumiko ever worked on before she worked on other familiar hits like Inu-Yasha, Maison Ikkoku and others. Its pretty obvious she was trying to get a serialization going, since romantic comedies have a massive appeal, even in the 80s. It was definitely a product of its own time and even by modern manga standards its still a pretty decent series. Some criticisms would have to be its lengthiness and some of the repetitive elements found in most romantic comedies, not to mention the over-sized main cast of characters. I can relate to other readers why they loved Lum. She has a pretty likeable personality, and Ataru is a golden idiot. The protagonists' feelings were acknowledged at the end, which felt good. It'll be nice to see how Maison Ikkoku compares to it though.

370th Manga- Devilman vs Hades- When my brother and I saw Devilman Crybaby around the time it came out in 2018, I was sort of hyped to hear of an alternate storyline where Akira tries to resurrect his beloved Miki, something I thought up when I saw the tragedy unfold in DC(2018). Gotta give credit, the Crescent Moon team that worked with Nagai really brought a lot of good art to this arc, looks awesome compared to the original Devilman. Nagai did mix some of the Mazinger Z series he worked on into this arc, which kind of annoyed me since I haven't read it yet. A quick read and the goal of the story was on point. That pilot charcter from Mazinger Z gave a speech that felt insulting to Akira, since he doesn't know where he comes from. Fans of Devilman I think will enjoy this story piece.

380th Manga- Domu: A Child's Dream- Since its October 2018, I've decided to cover as much horror manga as I can during the month of horror. Domu came out before Otomo started working on Akira, so I can see some inspiration. The conflict between the characters is well driven, the emotions of characters well drawn, as well as the destruction of the buildings well detailed. This was a nice short read.

390th Manga- Snow in the Dark- Another collection of stories by Yasuhiro, some of his better ones I think. However, it was his last story Snow in the Dark that I was looking forward to since its like a horror fairy tale. Its like its own version of Snow White but it feels so dark and good at the same time too. The old english gave it some flare and an ending I can feel good about. A good start if readers want to try some of Yasuhiro's works.

400th Manga- God Child- I really wanted to mark the occasion for October by reading a really good horror manga, God Child! I apparently read the 2nd part of the Cain series, but I heard it was the better part so its all good. God Child could get really dark at times, but it also had its share of good themes. The characters resonated pretty well, and the ending felt satisfying. This is probably one of my top favorite shojos next to Akatsuki no Yona. The series is bloody and deals with mature content, but this is horror, so you already know what you're getting into. This is probably Kaori Yuki's best work, which leaves me pretty happy.

410th Manga- Goth- This short horror series wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Although I think the damsel in distress troupe is used a bit too much. The protagonists deal with murderers then focuses on themselves towards the end. Wish the protagonists got more development but you take what you get I suppose.

420th Manga- Dragon Head- The next horror series that I read this October. Teru goes through the wringer all throughout the series with the bullet train crash, and other traumas during this survival horror series. The characters served their purpose(s) in the story and yet I feel like more could have been done with them. This is a seinen series afterall, you should make the characters complicated too, not just the theme. The theme of the series is fear and why it's disastrous to let your fear rule you, and just as bad to block fear out entirely. Learn to feel fear without letting it control your life. Other people have openly declared that they were unhappy with the bittersweet cliffhanger ending and I can understand that. Teru not giving up at the end did leave me feeling happy. The art fit the story well being horror. But the story felt much longer than it should have been. The series isn't perfect, but I did take something from it so there's something.

430th Manga- Hideout- Thank God for the huge improvement compared to Dragon Head. Had an ideal length, characters that feel fleshed out I think, even the author himself said he was a fan of Stephen King. Kakizaki has always been a favorite author of mine, ever since his series Rainbow. Hope more of his series get translated at some point.

440th Manga- Notpia- I think this is my first yaoi horror manga, which is a first for me. Read the three translated stories that are out right now, didn't really feel much of an impact, although Dedicated Body felt like the best one to be honest. Wished it was a bit longer.

450th Manga- Worlds- Figures that Ryu Fujisaki would have dabbled a bit in horror before he worked on Hoshin Engi. But it was also fantasy stuff as well from this collection of one shots. My favorites were Tight Rope, which explored the theme of freedom, and expression of emotions. Shadow Disease felt more like exploring human nature, sort of like Devilman. Hope to get into more of his works at some point.

460th Manga- Chaosic Rune- To be honest, I wasn't planning on reading this series, but Thrawn did talk about it in the Karakuri Circus thread and well, I get interested in old series. This is a survival horror card game series that is really hardcore about the gore, and with its share of issues. The characters are really simple, too simple I think, even for a shonen series. And the fanservice is so obvious, since the author worked on hentai. And the villains are just not nice people in general. This has got to be one of the edgiest shonen series I've read in a great while, and that's saying something. And considering how the 2nd part probably got axed, I don't expect a satisfactory ending, given the author's track record. Its a shame, cause I liked some of the monster designs. I just can't recommend this series to others, so I'll recommend the original Yu-gi-oh manga. Not only is the character development better, it handles its dark tone much better. Chaosic Rune had some interesting concepts and monsters, but that's all it has got going for it honestly.

470th Manga- Orochi: Blood- Of all the horror manga I read this October I was expecting great things from this series. But to be honest, I was pretty disappointed, just as much as my last series, C.R. Orochi is the female protagonist who appears in each story, though her connections to each story is pretty weak. She seems easily forgotten with each story, only to show up to do commentary or to use her as a deus ex machina. The stories themselves aren't that strong and the protagonist feels unnecessary. Why use her if she's not developed, and let the other characters stand on their own instead. The scares are almost non existent, and feels like cautionary tales in the twisted sense. In all honesty, the series has not aged well at all. Thankfully there are other horror series that are worth checking out, like Franken Fran.

480th Manga- Renai Shoujo Zukan- I don't know why, but I now have higher expectations for shojo after reading Yona of the Dawn. And this collection of horror manga, one story translated actually, didn't cut it. It just didn't feel scary at all.

490th Manga- Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation- This was one of the last horror manga that I was reading during the month of Halloween 2018. Although to be honest, this series has been on my mind since the 2018 anime, and I was told it would only get better after the prologue. Now the prologue itself is important to some degree, not only with the character introductions, but also with the world-building of the magic law association. I can appreciate the small cast of main characters that can be focused on and developed, compared to other shonen series with over oversized character rosters, like with Bleach and Naruto. If it weren't for Bleach though, I wouldn't have developed an interest for ghosts and the supernatural, and I may not have gotten the chance to read this series. Now for the story of M&R, the first major arc has to do with the antagonist Enchu and the group known as Ark, a group of forbidden magic law users. As the series goes on, the stakes for the fights get higher and not even the characters are safe from death and injury, which is something for a shonen series. Other than that one loose end with a villain that never gets wrapped up, the series ends on a pretty decent note. While Muhyo may seem cold and indifferent, its clear that he cares about others in his own way. Though Roji may seem naive and spoiled, he is also capable of reflecting and growing as a character. When your characters aren't set in stone, they're capable of growth, which is a high mark for an author. I even felt like I could relate to Enchu later on in the series. Nishi's artstyle really helped make the ghosts look freaky and creepy. As for my favorite envoy summon of the series, I liked the Hell Train summon, and also the Pirate King summon. They were like those big over the top attacks you see from the Golden Sun games. This is a shonen series I can recommend to those who want a dip into the horror genre.

500th Manga- Nico Nicholson no Manga Dojo Yaburi- This two part interview covers an interview with Berserk author Kentaro Miura. I think its cool to know about his inspirations and influences towards the Berserk series, giving me the sort of feeling that the man is passionate about his work. I think this is something all fans of Berserk should check out at some point.

510th Manga- élDLIVE- I was debating whether or not to review Reborn author Akira Amano's newest work, but I think I should, considering the headaches I got from the writing. One good thing about the series is the artstyle, feels fairly clean and the characters are nice to look at. The bad is the writing. It has a rough start and only continues to get rougher. And the plot-twists come out of nowhere without any form of foreshadowing, so the story is a hot mess. And the characters feel so stereotypical, with their writing only as bland. It feels like such a down grade compared to Reborn, at least it felt a lot better even if it did go downhill at the end. The ending feels rushed for Eldlive, probably cause Akira's editor was breathing down her neck during most of the manga serialization. If I had to pick between the two, I'd probably go for Reborn again cause Eldlive is the author's biggest mistake.

520th Manga- Quoth the Boy- This marks my 2nd Korean manga that I have read so far, the first being An Innocent Sin. I really like Quoth the Boy though, honestly, because it shows a shy, but honest relationship between a boy and a girl, and how it develops over the time. Those thoughts of what it was like when you like someone, what it felt like falling in love, even what the heart goes through as the relationship unfolds. Ga-ra has that straight-forward personality that I really love for a male protagonist. Tae-bok is so sweet and I loved the growth she goes through during the story as the female protagonist. Ga-ra's buddies So-woo and Hyun are awesome too, the comedy that came from those guys. I got super happy when Hyun and Nam-Ju became a couple by the end of the series, although I saw it coming when they were arguing like an elderly couple at that one part. The art style felt different when I first started but now I've grown to really love it. I think the change of pace from horror manga really helped me appreciate this series. Who knew that a romance manga could heal a man's soul considering half the horror manga the man read the month before were bad. This is a romance manga I'll gladly recommend to others!

530th Manga- Kagamigami- To be honest, even though I knew this was by the author of Psyren, I've avoided it because I had a feeling it was axed, and that would mean learning why it was axed. Now the series is about characters using shikigami, conjured spirits that are invoked and used through the onmyoji arts or Japanese style exorcists. There are already series that have touched on this, such as Twin Star Exorcists, Blue Exorcist, even Inuyasha. Not to say the author can't do it as well, it was more like he was struggling to give the story a direction. The protagonist is seen fighting an antagonist right off the bat, told to go to school by his organization, which already feels cliche. A lot of shonens can have a school setting but aren't the focus of every series, although the protagonist did pick up a new shikigami. Then there was the childhood friend of Kagami that was introduced, which felt rough. It felt troupey and I felt like it could have been done better. After dealing with another boring villain, the organization holds a tournament to create an elite unit to deal with Hollow Rabbit. It feels too early for a shonen series to have a tournament arc, especially right when it has a huge cast of characters that have barely gotten any development. Due to the poor reception of the series, its rushed into its last arc, plot twists are being dropped without the least bit of foreshadowing, antagonists that are boring and pathetic, a lukewarm romance between the protagonists, and a protagonist that doesn't feel impactful. I get the feeling the author was struggling to get serialized and whoever his editor was was not helping, although I think going five years without writing a series would make anyone get rusty. I love Psyren and its characters, how the story and its protagonist felt driven. All the more reason why I feel disappointed by this series, and why I can't recommend it to others.

540th Manga- Maison Ikkoku- I actually saw the anime years ago with my brother and enjoyed the romantic comedy quite immensely. This year (2018) though my brother also told me that he heard there were details in the manga that weren't in the anime, so after a long wait, I finally got to reading the manga. And it was awesome! I honestly think Maison Ikkoku is Rumiko's best work, not only for the ideal length, but also for the character development. Reading it slowly helped me develop an appreciation for all the right choices Rumiko made. Godai's character development, Kyoko's, all of the cast involved in the story. At the heart of the story is a mature romance that has both of the main protagonists growing and developing. I may be nostalgic for Inu-Yasha, but I cannot deny how well written Maison Ikkoku is compared to Rumiko's other works. Even if she never comes out with another smash hit, Rumiko will always be remembered for Maison Ikkoku. I full heartedly recommend it to fans of romantic comedies, Rumiko or anyone in particular. To all top romance series lists, this is one that should be included.

550th Manga- Moon Walker LTD- Surprise surprise, Konomi actually wrote something different compared to his Prince of Tennis series. Its pretty interesting to see another shonen author have a try at the prison genre, kind of like with Deadman Wonderland and Jojo: Stone Ocean. This three part one shot has some fair potential, although I feel Konomi has a hard time drawing faces. And the prison uniforms look like shit, I prefer the prison jumpsuits in Deadman Wonderland. Even the uniforms in The Promised Neverland have the simple white outfits. Goes to show that sometimes a simple design is best. The one shot did make me want to check out more prison manga, which are one of my favorite genres!

560th Manga- Hell's Kitchen- As far back as I can remember(high school), this was the very first cooking manga I ever got into, even before I had even heard of Food Wars. And the two have been compared a lot. However, each series has its own themes for the most part. Apparently, Food Wars is focused on the impact as well as the competition of cooking. Whereas Hell's Kitchen is focused on ideology, the ideas and and for the most part the characters' beliefs during the series. This fits more in line with how the main character Satoru can become anything he chooses given the themes in Hell's Kitchen. But between the two series, Food Wars was more popular and got an anime because of its art-style. If I had to be honest though, I will never be able to get into Food Wars because of its other issues, but that's a topic for another day. Hell's Kitchen is also really funny, with all the antics that happen with the cast of characters. There's a lot of creativity that goes into the plot and research in the cooking techniques that does a good job of drawing the readers in. With all of the chapters online, I can happily recommend Hell's Kitchen!       

1st Anime- Pokemon: Indigo League- I grew up with a good chunk of the early Pokemon anime while I was a kid, so I definitely have some nostalgia for the series. While it may seem that I like it, there are also parts that I hate about it. Like director Shudo said himself, the series itself was formulaic, not really giving freedom for the story telling in the show. At one point there was even going to be an arc where Pikachu was going to lead a pokemon rebellion against their masters. Not just that but it was really annoying to see Jesse and James reduced to being punching bags and for the most part harmless, all because of the corporate mandate to make the show more kid friendly. Thank God we have the Pokemon Adventure manga cause that's the version of Pokemon I prefer most of all. I heard that the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime is pretty decent, which I'll probably check out at some point.

320th Anime- Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome

325th Anime- Aggressive Retsuko (2018)

330th Anime- Love is Hard For Otaku

335th Anime- Megalo Box

340th Anime- Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic

350th Anime- Violet Evergarden Special- I'm so happy to have gotten into Violet Evergarden this year, I definitely think its a good contender for best anime of 2018, next to Megalo Box of course. With a film in the works, what's there not to love about the series.

360th Anime- Pokemon Movie 20: I Choose You!- In preparation for the 21st movie coming out, I have now watched all 20 of the current Pokemon movies! Some I still have nostalgia for, some of the new ones were cool, and some were complete disappointments. Plan to make a list of my personal favorites, but that will be for another day. I Choose You wasn't perfect but I still enjoyed it. Kept itself together better than some of the other movies I saw. Can't wait for the Power of Us to come out!

370th Anime- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable- After finally catching up on Jojo: Stardust Crusaders, I finally got to this story part. I was already familiar with the story due to reading the manga months before, and the story still feels awesome. Kira feels like a much better villain than Dio, and Josuke makes an awesome opposing counterpart to Kira. One criticism I can make, and this applies to a number of modern subbed anime, is that they over do it on the voice acting. Being loud and trying to be full of energy is over the top. Why do you think they stop Asta's voice actor from yelling out his lines in Black Clover so much, because fans were tired of it. Other than that I had a lot of fun with DIU, and I finally caught up on the Jojo anime just in time for Golden Wind. DIU's dub is coming out, so it'll be interesting to see how it compares to the sub.

380th Anime- Lupin III: Castle Of Cagliostro- The very first Lupin the 3rd movie I have seen, and the third piece of content Lupin related, including the seasons leading up to 2018. What can I say, this is one of the best stories from the series about the master thief. Even from the 70s I think the animation has held up pretty well, and it felt nice to see Lupin help out the Princess. Currently I think its the best content with Lupin, so I recommend it to anyone interested in Lupin who wants a starting point.

390th Anime- Overlord III- It was actually a friend of mine who got me into Overlord years ago when we went to the same club. I feel pretty good about the series, although I do think that season 3 was probably the weakest out of all the seasons so far, it wasn't without its awesome moments. Can't wait to see what Ainz will do in the fourth season when it comes out.

392nd Anime- Major Season 1- I think since the time I got into the Eyeshield 21 manga as a kid, I've always had an open heart to sports series in general, as long as they do good character development and have a good emotional impact. It was actually seeing Major 2nd that made me want to look into the series more, out of curiousity, since I never saw a baseball anime until 2018. I can say with complete honesty that the first season was full of heart and hype. If anyone wants to find a good sport anime to start with, start here. You will not regret it.

400th Anime- Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Sword of Life and Death- It was only later this year (2018) that I discovered Thunderbolt Fantasy, a series that is performed through hand puppets and with some special effects. Personally, this feels like a stroke of genius, seeing all these vivid movements performed in fights that felt awesome. This feels like a good change of pace compared to other anime and forms of story-telling I have seen. It looks like Shang is going to have his hands full in the 2nd season. I can honestly say, once you get used to the puppets, you'll start to feel the heart of the story, and that of the characters. 

410th Anime- Death Note- One of the big gateway anime of the mid 2000s and in the eyes of many, an essential anime that should be watched at some point or another. I can agree to some extent or another that people tend to overhype Death Note a tad bit too much, but that doesn't stop the series from being good and enjoyable. The point of the Death Note series was to show how a villain like Light Yagami, who thought of bringing justice to the world with the Death Note, was just doing it for kicks, when in the end he was living a cursed and lonely life because of the Death Note. Ultimately, Death Note is a story of tragedy, not just for the protagonist, but for everyone else who was affected by the Death Note. I for the most part appreciate how the anime handled Light's death compared to the manga, even though the manga had extra story bits that felt beneficial. There's even that popular theory that Light became a death God, which is most likely true. I feel a bit depressed from the anime so I'm going to go watch something happy now.  


Remember guys, let's bring love and peace to everyone, just like what Vash would say on Trigun. Don't be like a number of sociopaths, we don't need another guy like Knives spreading the venom. Stand up be strong, and don't listen to their bullcrap.


Things I like in my anime:


sweet romance

dark, serious and mature mood

epic, almost over the top action

yandere(if they're well written)

some comedy to lighten up the mood


crazy badass characters

Things I hate in my anime:

misused violence

ridiculous amount of fillers

or filler for the most part

forced, rushed romance

perfect "can do no wrong" protagonists

nakama powerups(though I normally love the shows this gets annoying)

yaoi (Although to be honest, there isn't a lot of well written yaoi anime to begin with. Its probably easier to find a well written yaoi manga in the end.)

plot armor stronger than adamantium


frequent time skips

overly joyful tones (This doesn't mean I dislike happy animes. I just think there is a such thing as overdoing it.)

Name: Kenny Dapolito

Birthday: March 8th, 1992

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'9ft

Pets: Two cats, Little Girl and Fulton

Idol: Guts from Berserk

Favorite color: Black, and no that doesn't mean I'm emo, I just think black goes nice with everything.

My Zodiac: Pisces

~~How I rate the manga & anime I read and watch, this is what my ratings mean~~

5- My favorites, they are the dope, watch over and over until I die, 100% recommend.

4.5- Awesome anime, highly recommend.

4- Great anime, really memorable.

3.5- Pretty good anime, not exactly great, but definitely worth checking out.

3- A good anime, but not exactly ground breaking.

2.5- An okay anime that I overall enjoyed, most likely won't watch again, still recommend.

2- A mediocre anime, check it out if you want to but I won't recommend it.

1.5- Just below a meh, pretty crappy, would recommend you don't watch.

1- Made me cringe, really crappy, never watch.

0.5- Basically its Satan, just completely irredeemable.

Just a personal thought I want to add, I feel emotionally drained from the fact of being exposed to the cynacissim and negativity of an anime critic who just seems so hateful and I can see why. If they're so used to seeing bad series, then they won't be able to appreciate the good series when they come along. My advice, don't get into a series if you know you're gonna hate it. The whole point of being an anime fan is to enjoy the series you get into. If you have to, do some research, get advice from your friends, don't just walk down a road you'll hate yourself for. That's all I had to say. Hoped I reached out to other people with this!


This is just a topic I wanted to share, manga to anime adaptions. We have entered an era where just hearing the studio's name can determine whether a manga will get a faithful adaption or a crap adaption. Then again, money has always been an issue for some studios and sometimes they have to cut corners or think they can half-ass it and give people mediocrity, such as with Black Clover as an example. But I think if people are interested with an anime just enough, they just might give the manga a try, if they can bear reading manga that is. A case like that for me would be Dream Eater Merry. There were all these plotlines that never got answers and I had to read the series then. Is it a cheap marketing tactic? More than likely. Arguements with whether the manga or the anime are better will always exist, and studios will always be conflicted whether to end or continue an anime. But you don't need to let a series end with the anime, cause there'll always be the source material. You can choose to live by boundaries, or broaden your horizens is what I believe in!


After seeing the anime Encouragement of Climb which was a while back, I didn't get to write about this before. By the end of the 2nd season and also from my brother, I realize I hate authors that make characters younger looking than they should be. One of the common anime troupes that I hate. Its one thing if its chibi, but if you intentionally make a character look younger all the time it feels creepy. I sorry if my opinion offends people but that's how I feel on the subject.

Life on anime

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631 total

I adore these characters


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hey, I'm soppos to help be a greeter and well lost my PC but I check on my phone and tablet. So Welcome! and here is a helpful post I send.

Welcome! To Anime-planet.com, And Hi. As you are new to the site or even Anime and Manga at all. I am new to becoming a greeter for the page myself. However, I have watched over 20,150 episodes of anime and given a 1 - 5 star rating to over 620 shows, OVA, and movies. So feel free to tell me what you maybe looking to see and I’ll do my best to get your show marked here to start your own collection. To top it off there is a newcomers FAQ link I have for you. We all may not like the same genres as each other but there is someone that does like the same genre that you do on this site and we will get you on the shows you want. Welcome again, thanks for being here.Newcomers FAQ 4 U👌FAQ 4 Uhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Quua64Pq95AFjfN0Si4Mx5utTuvS3wp2nqECOPnn7vQ/edit?usp=sharing

Dellsimkin Nov 16, 2018

DFrag and Bento are oddly funny I can always re-watch Plus, Cat Planet Cutes (not that some fan sev. just cats from space come to trade.

TemikaTemitola Nov 5, 2018


Can you name a few good comedic anime I should check out? I usally don't watch such genres that are focused on that because they tend to be really immature or like a Shoujo anime.

TemikaTemitola Oct 30, 2018

I see, I can't multitask like that. If i'm watching one anime, I can't have another i'm watching at the same time on the side. I have to finnish one, either complete or drop it then move on. My stalled list is a few anime's I watched a while ago but never continued to finnished it but wouldn't drop it or continue it just yet.

"People should be skeptical before jumping into an anime they don't know about"

Definitely, especially that there are many kinds of anime. if I was careless, I could end up watching some highschool gay romance about two boys. That's why I have an average rating of 3.6. I don't bother watching anime I know I wont like so I don't rate them.