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I’m gonna need peoples to update the characters on Raise wa Tanin ga Il  and Spirit Fingers because I don’t know how to

hello world


Bonjour le monde



I wrote a bunch of stuff but messed it up because I am dumb when it comes to technology 

sadly I don’t have all the doodads like stars and stuff other people have ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Thank you for anyone who follows me

ask me any questions and hopefully I’ll get to them

okay the reason I said hopefully is because I usually don’t go on here I forget cause I get too immersed in other stuff ( more manga) look at me using big girl words

i mostly read manga than watch anime these days because they’re so addicting that I’ve read reached...


i mean I’m literally fan girling over everything from a shoujo romance wanting them to be together to a psychological wanting them to kill each other....uh....hmm I never said that

when I fan girl over every detail also get angry as if I am some mob character somewhere in there imagine a 15 year old ripping of their shirt like one of those male body builders also throwing everything in their room cause the manga was that good

i usually go towards the art but sometimes I look and see if I’d like the plot and yada yada but usually the art

I don’t like to get chained down to one genre I mean who does, think of it as a playboy who won’t stay attached to a single girl without all the...uh... you know.....

well to get back at the original topic which really isn’t a topic cause I’m talking about whatever floats my boat ( a boat is actually pronounced boww-at, the more you know (^_^))

I have probably read way more than what I have marked and I even read the stuff on the want to read list without realizing it 

also for anime same-ish thing I mean I’m in high school now and re-started to watch back in 6th or 7th grade....hmmmm

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I adore these characters


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Kissmyinnerfangirl Nov 3, 2018

Hello!!! I saw your manga review for "Hosaka-Sensei" and agree with you. 

Aerythrin Jun 12, 2017

Hello and welcome to A-P~! :3

Hope you enjoy your time here, and I hope if you have any issues or questions, or just want to make a friend you won't hesitate to send me a message. ^_^