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A Girl on the Shore

Aug 12, 2021

This is a good manga. I don't usually read manga set in high school because they are boring af, but I approached this beacuse the beautiful and realistic artstyle gave me the impression of not being a shallow nonsense highschool overinflated "drama". And I was right, this was a realistic and mature story, I enjoyed it. To be honest, at first I saw they where 2nd year jr high (middle school) kids making sex, and that had me creeped out. I didn't drop it only because I remembered japanese middle schoolers are older than ours (the protagonists are 14-15, not 12-13 as they would be here). So, if you are a grown up and feel unconfortable about the first chapter, I can confirm they are above the age you stop going to the pediatrician. I wish I discovered this a little sooner, when I was an age I didn't need to fast scroll the early teen sex. But, taken this out of the way, the story is worth it. It's mature and enjoyable, realistic and well written. It deals with growing up, thrauma and honesty. Nothing exceptionally amazing, but a fine read if you want a different and more impactful high school story.

The characters were well done. They are both liars, but she's the one lying the most to herself. She wants to be loved more than she's willing to love others. She can care at some point, but in the end it's all about herself. She's willing to show affection only in fear of not getting it herself. To be fair, she's not overall a bad person and I didn't dislike her. I'm admiring how she's well written and I related a bit with her. Instead, I could't relate with the boy, but he's my favourite. A bit problematic and a liar too, but he's the one more willing to be honest with himself. Also, personal note, I liked him a lot with the long hair, he was funny. I know it was a sign of him letting himself go, but when I was in highschool a lot of boys had those hair and he made me nostalgic.

Little addition I forgot when writing this review at first: these guys use condoms. THANK YOU. Thank you author, finally someone telling teens to not be irresponsible. You have no idea how many people need more of this in fiction. THANK YOU. I admire you as an author and as a person.

And now a spoilerish personal note about the ending.

I love what the boy did at the end. She deserved it. Also I love he doesn't hate her. He's more mature and he made the right choice. I think her situation later is realistic and I don't judge her. She can't change and love selflessly, but she can at least change her attitude towards who loves her, and that's the best and most down-to-earth thing anyone can expect from her.

8/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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