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Jan 13, 2021

Bleach is extremely overhated. the story is an ideal plot for a shounen. The soul society and arrancar arcs are fantastic. all the captains and espada's philosophies clashing in multiple points in the story is very close to peak fiction 

the animation is alright at first, which is to be expected considering how old it is, but it does improve later on.

The sound in bleach is my favourite in anime bar none. Opening 13, ranbu no melody is widely considered one of the great anime openings for a good reason. The OST is what I consider the perfect anime OST. Ichigo's theme is so iconic, having done something completely unique, being completely in English in a gospel style. All the characters' themes fit their personality, like aizen's theme being a demonic choir singing about treachery.

The characters are absolutely amazing, with characters like kenpachi and urahara being two of my favourite characters in anime. Kubo knows how to make them have such interesting personalities and backstories, all linking together, especially in the soul society.

Overall, I think Bleach is a 9/10 show, because people disregard everyone the series does incredibly, just to complain about some filler. It's a fantastic show that I reccomend to anyone 11+ who doesn't mind a long episode count.

10/10 story
7.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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TeamAlex Jan 13, 2021

What you mean is "concept" and "setting" not story. Bleach actually has one of the worst stories out there among the shounen. The characters also have no depth or development, each one is a bigger badass than the other. Bleach is epic and I liked it, but people's hatred is very justified as there was little real effort behind the work. Even most of the transformations and power ups were only clarified weakly and mushy.