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This anime is  agreat watch if you want something with a good story line, but more shenanigans than anything else. Got some good laughs outta this.

Now the story is actually pretty interesting. A werewolf detective using hair to 'solve' cases is creative and the plot is something i think worth getting invested in. Even through all the silly things going on in every episode, every now and then the plot is brought to the front and you can understand what's going on clearly. Of course i do have a few issues with the worldbuilding but what bothers me is spoiler territory so you aint gonna see it in this review. What ain't spoilery though is the amount of whiplash I got with the sudden mood changes in the last few episodes, especially epsode 10... i think it was. But still, good enough for me!

While animation isn't the crème de la crème, it definitely matches the overall vibe of the anime. Makes it that much more enjoyable. same goes with the audio!

MMMMMMMMMM the characters. No one looking alike, everyone of their personalities are memerable, even if the character barely shows up and are very consistent. I will admit, the wolf designs look a little funky to me, bet meh whatever.

LORENZO IS ABSOLUTE BABY. I adore him. I would be Lorenzo's Lorenzo. He is precious and my favorite character.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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