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I'm the anime entusiast Dubfan.

If you're interested in talking about anime, I would love to be part of the converstation. I'm all ears, just message me on Discord Tur#1306 or Dubfan on the Anime-Planet Discord server. As my name suggests, I only watch anime voiced in English for many reasons. Therefore, I'll be a few weeks behind on the new season releases. I appreciate any anime suggestions. I've written many spoiler-free anime reviews and I would be happy if you read some of them. (Who would want to read a review that talks about the ending.)

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Anime suggestions:

Recent 8/10 or greater anime: Kakushigoto

Recent 7/10 anime: Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Recent 6/10 anime: Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie

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Kaeseolin Aug 26, 2022

Wow, thank you for the nice comment on my Aria review :)

Btseyhun Aug 25, 2022

I would lie if I would say yes, because I haven't watched Outbreak Company, yet at least but if the Outbreak Company is something where Isekai meets Reverse Isekai ? Then yes, its basically like what if out world got in a war with other worlds where Dragons, elves, beast people etc. lives :)

MadamOtaku Aug 6, 2022

Thank you for reading my review. 

MadamOtaku Jul 24, 2022

I have been schooled, Professor Dubfan. Or should I say, Dubfan-Sensei. 

My reviews tend to be soft because of the 4 catagories A-P tracks: Story, Animation, Sound, and Charaters. I might give characters a 0.5 but if the animation is beautiful and I rate it 8, then the whole score gets a boost. I literally get out the calculator and divide the scores to get my overall rating. Seeing your system is making me think I should make a list of things to test future anime and manga against. I know A-P is for fun, and casual, but I like to help out my fellow otaku and be as informational as possible without giving any spoilers. I want to get my ratings as correct as possible.

Thanks for responding. I was low-key worried I offended you. I overthink things, as usual. 

It's not a chore for me to read reviews. I love them, even ones I disagree with. I like to know what other people think about the same anime and manga I've watched and read. Every once in a while I go through my list of followers just to see if they have written any new reviews. 

I hope you're staying cool. It's 92.0 F here. My suncreen melted off. 

HiyomiBiki Jul 22, 2022

Hi! , Thank you for follow back

Nice too meet you ^^ .

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