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MadamOtaku Nov 25, 2022

I completely understand. 

I hope you had a great holiday. Good night. 

MadamOtaku Nov 25, 2022

I've been using it for probably about six months. Maybe a bit longer. I haven't had any issues. I've watched several movies and full series there. Sometimes it pauses to buffer, but that might just be my internet. So far so good.

MadamOtaku Nov 25, 2022

Surprisingly, I checked it out from my local library. A lot of libraries are connected where I live, so I'm able to "Put on Hold" stuff from about twenty different local libraries. I have to wait a week for it to come to my library, but I'm patient. 

But I've also found it here: https://zoro.to/school-live-1169

MadamOtaku Nov 25, 2022

Did someone forget to buy the potatoes? 😲

I like stuffing, the stove-top kind without the jibblets. I don't want organ meat in mine, thank you. 🤣 Also the turkey cooks a lot faster without being stuffed. 

Thank you for the recommendation. I just finished https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/school-live It is kind of odd, but fun and little sad to watch. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. 

MadamOtaku Nov 25, 2022

Yup. And the cranberry sauce. How about you?