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I'm the anime entusiast Dubfan.

If you're interested in talking about anime, I would love to be part of the converstation. I'm all ears, just message me on Discord Tur#1306 or Dubfan on the Anime-Planet Discord server. As my name suggests, I only watch anime voiced in English for many reasons. Therefore, I'll be a few weeks behind on the new season releases. I appreciate any anime suggestions. I've written many spoiler-free anime reviews and I would be happy if you read some of them. (Who would want to read a review that talks about the ending.)

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Jujucat May 28, 2021

It's actually supposed to be about Psychic Powers but ended up mostly involving parenting and humour which I don't mind 

FuchsiaFeline May 26, 2021

I never thought of that before and I agree 100% 

FuchsiaFeline May 26, 2021

Same!!! It's definitely more of a teen film. 

judivu May 25, 2021

I feel like it was more drama than sadness overall, but that was a long time ago maybe i'll watch it again to see what happens.

iforinsignificant May 10, 2021

Touche! I'm not forcing you to read it though.