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I'm the anime entusiast Dubfan.

If you're interested in talking about anime, I would love to be part of the converstation. I'm all ears, just message me on Discord Tur#1306 or Dubfan on the Anime-Planet Discord server. As my name suggests, I only watch anime voiced in English for many reasons. Therefore, I'll be a few weeks behind on the new season releases. I appreciate any anime suggestions. I've written many spoiler-free anime reviews and I would be happy if you read some of them. (Who would want to read a review that talks about the ending.)

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hin0te Oct 14, 2021

All anime can hated or liked it's all personal taste and opinion in the anime but personally I reckon if you don't like Alfheim or GGO (Gun Gale Online) Idk why but I feel people would enjoy Alicization altho it is a bit weird the way it starts I feel it sort of has that vibe you get from the Aincrad world where you work harder to get better, it's more like a kingdom and no real monsters or "bosses" until you reach "War of the Underworld" I personally loved it because the animation was amazing in Alicization and it has a pretty good plot and character development and small things here and there that makes you question alot of things that eventually get answered as the story progresses, Personally I believe it's worth seeing the first few episodes and if you don't like it then that's fine it just isn't to your liking and there are thousands of anime out there that i'm sure you would love but I think giving it a shot is worth it!

ty <3

BrokenSparks Oct 14, 2021

Also while one nation has a power struggle the other has a corrupt government that the ruler just doesn't give a shit about.

BrokenSparks Oct 13, 2021

I certainly have to say that its much more than Romeo and Juliet, although looking at it blatantly it can be seen as just another Romeo and Juliet story.

PossessedVision Oct 6, 2021

I'm glad that we have a similar view of the anime. Have a great day!

aphroditeX0 Oct 5, 2021

lol thanks!!<3 ≧‿≦