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💫 Action/fantasy BL 💞 FULL COLOUR 💫

Just read the title lol. P.s, if any themes are marked as 'BL', or any other non specific thing, I haven't got a good enough idea of the details so bear with me 👍

MY pErsonal FAvourites (lmao WHat iS uP wIth tHe rAndom cApital lEtters)

Yeah it's mostly BL lol I made this list since I tend to only rate manga I really enjoyed or I thought were really good. Hopefully I can now just shove them in here...

🎆 Prettiest art ⭐️ Webtoons 🎆

Webtoons with distinct stylistic choices, extremely high effort levels, colour palettes, effective methods to create a certain tone etc.... any webtoon that looks appealing or works to convey a certain mood with their artwork and...

Webcomics available on the WEBCOMICS app

The Webcomics app is a free app where you can read lots of comics at no cost while still supporting your favourite creators! Available here on iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/webcomics-daily-manga/id1337550955?mt=8 and here on...