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PoIsOnEvY Feb 17, 2022

Thank you and you too!

g0dlikevdka Oct 29, 2021

Hey, thanks for following me back~

Your profile is really well made, I love it  

Have a nice day/night <3

Chisato4Yumeyoshi Oct 8, 2021

Hello! Thanks for the follow as well😁

Thank you, your profile is really well made too, love your favorite anime! 

Hope you're doing well!

TurtleSlayer Sep 22, 2021

Yo! HEY, HELLO and HI!

Thnx for the follow.. :)

How are ya?

Watchin anything good?

also.... just curious... do you happen to like skateboarding?

Natsume99 Aug 4, 2021


Sorry it took me a hot minute to respond. I go by a different UN here as this account is much older but on steam my handle is Indie Fanatic. Just in case you were wondering :)

I found Black Blood Brothers to be a slightly above average anime. It's been a long time since I've watched it at this point (like 3+ years) so not many things stick out when I recall it. However, I do remember the premise of the show being unique compared to other shows featuring vampiric characters which is always nice to see. It did feel a bit short and so the story felt a bit rushed at points with a few plot holes arising within the story. Seeing as it was based on a visual novel I'm sure there's plenty more that the anime was unable to touch on it great detail so it would be interesting to see what differed if an English version of the Light Novel exists. Overall, the anime wasn't terrible but it wasn't exactly great either. It's good for a single watch but that's probably about it.

Have a nice day!