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Summary: If you liked Irregular at Magic High, you will like this clone. If you thought Irregular at Magic High was the stupidest shit you've ever seen, watch Grisaia instead.


The first 4 episodes are pretty much unwatchable due to being entirely filled with cliches and eroge tropes. Underdog main character walks in on his tsundere roommate changing, because only god knows why these two would be paired up as roommates in the first place and neither of them recieved any notice of this. Clearly the school knew she was coming. Did they just not have ANY other rooms available?? There is no way in hell that having coed roommates at a highschool is going to go over well AT ALL. Hell, in Japan they have womens-only trains! And then did she not notice his stuff laying anywhere? Maybe there were clothes in the closet or shampoo in the bathroom? Is their entire room just made up of two bunkbeds, because that's all we see this whole time. Where are coed people supposed to change??

So they fight, and you figure, hell the fights have to at least be good right? Wrong. All of the fights in this show show the start of the fight and then immediately cut to the end of the fight, sometimes with a little action in the middle. But never shows the finishing move. In this fight he uses "phantom" mode of his sword which drains energy, yet in later battles he's free to use his sword at full potential and literally kill other characters. WHY would the school allow students to kill other students, when they could have just used phatom mode??? So he wins (somehow???) and she becomes his "servent". All the sudden now that she was defeated in battle, she has an uncontrollable raging boner for main character. Why?? One day of meeting this guy, and after having a horribly embarassing situation occur! I guess two if you count her losing terribly in that battle. The romance gets better through the show, although there are still a lot of cliches. I dont really like the tsundere character type, but I still kind of liked this character by the end of the show.

Some people say the little sister relationship gets better. It doesnt. Constantly this girl is trying to break up the main couple, even until the last minute of the last episode!! She crosses the line from that sort of incesty relationship in Irregular at Magic High, into full blown Alabama incest right out of the gate. It made me very uncomfortable to watch. We see some glimpses into her past, but I still hated her character. I guess her character is supposed to be funny, but I just saw it as incredibly annoying.

The main character is the standard shonen character ("Goku"). Always fights for what he believes in and to protect his friends, irrationally helping a character which debilitated him deliberately to win a fight. Hell, nobody I know would help someone who betrays them, and I know a lot of very nice people! Like this character is blindly following this, but between this one negative and the SLEW of other negative things about this show, I didn't really care too much about it. I was a lot more impressed by this character than the main character from Irregular at Magic High, who was a full blown asshole who didn't give no shits about anybody "just because"/military background. This guy laughs and cries and gets embarassed when appropriate. You do want to root for him, but I mean you already know he's going to win. The final battle was good, but the rest of them dont really have any tension in them at all since you know he's going to win.

As far as the rest of the story is concerned, it was ok. It was pretty much just a ripoff of Utena with magical school battles.

The animation and sound was average. I would have been more impressed if they showed the entire fight.

0.1/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall

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