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27 year old Choi Hyunsung is a construction worker who dreams of awakening (yes its one of those) his family is poor with his sister and mother started working two jobs and his father is in the hospital for mana reflux syndorme (sound familiar?). However one day in his dormitory a message pops up in front of him "You've Awakened!" First experiencing happiness it soon turns to anger as he realizes his stats are weaker than most level 1 awakeners.

However the one upside is a unique skill: [Purchase] [Sell]. What does it do? He can purchase items in a virtual store that could improve his stats, as well as sell items to individuals who reside in a different reality. 

But the thing is he has points that grow everytime he sells an item but if that number goes down to zero he dies. Starting at 49,956,874 points it decreases by 1 each second through math he finds out it equals to a year and a half. Desperate he sells his phone, PSP, tissues, watch, sunglasses pretty much anything he owns in order to make his points increase; which they do.



Though elements are similar to Solo Levelling like a parent suffering from a mana illness as well as the need to buy an expenisve elixer to cure them, its not different at all. Though the only difference is the artist, though I can't draw as good as them it does have a trait where they don't care about the story or that it was a rush job to start publishing it. 

The plot lines are similar to not only SL but other fantasy manwhas, its to generic. But with that I like these stories with the upheaval one has to face in order to become the strongest. Although it gets the job done with the hype in the character and the world being there, the first 20 chapter (which Im writing this) are fast paced but not too fast where you have no idea whats happening. 

Howver one complaint you might have would be the abundance of women that seem to have any importance to the story, no other dudes that hold importance besides the mc. Like I said at the time im writing this (20 chapters) it doesn't really add much to the existing genre it follows the same path as most of these manhwas take but it that being said, its not that bad, I would recommend if you are just looking to kill time or looking for something action related. 

Now I did a little research and its based on a completed web novel, thats not as good as SL but good on its own merits. So with that im looking forward to what this has in store for the future. 

6.5/10 story
5/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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