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Don't waste your time.

Seriously, just don't. the series appears to have been cancelled, and after dragging out the mystery for an eternity, it dumps a bunch of clues in your lap in the final chapter, then ends the whole series without solving the mystery. The final line tell you the reader to "please think about the clues".

?/10 story
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1/10 overall

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Drahken Sep 5, 2013

"Cancelled" means that the -author- didn't finish it. The series was indeed quite good up until the so-called "end", and in fact I had rated it pretty high while I was reading it. However, that horrendous "ending" just plain ruined the entire series, rendering it nothing but a frustrating waste of time. Just to be clear btw, it was the author himself who gave it that "think about the clues" garbage ending. It's the kind of thing that sounds like something some lazy scanlators would do, but it's not, it's the official "ending". This horrendous "ending" gives me great trepidation about what will happen with the Gun X Clover manga, which I only just realized is written by the same guy.

gijoe250 Sep 5, 2013

Was it not completed by the aurthor or scanalators? Besides it not ending I found it to be very engrossed in it. The fact you got to the end realize this must mean something. I think its a shame you rated them as a 1/10. However, everyone has a right to there own opinion.