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No Game No Life: Zero

Feb 23, 2018

No Game No Life: Zero has to be one of the best movies I'ver seen that are related directly to the story of the show. The beggining of the movie makes you feel like you're entering a legend, and thats what the creators were probably planning. The movie is basically the history of what happened before Sora and Shiro originally came to Elkia. It revolves around the 'Great War' of the Gods, and the story of how the system of the Gods ended up. The war takes place about 4000 years before the shows time. It shows an apocalyptic world where those without any powers are left to die between the conflicts of those with magic, machines, and other powerful weapons. Ultimately things get better, some characters get their sanity back, some realize that the heart is capable of changing the very sense of probability, and some cope with the loss of their family starting a new nation called Elkia, and race later to be known as Immanity... It truly has some lessons to be learnt from watching it. It shows the struggles of weak people just to survive, their mental state through the war, as well as the ideas and means to stop it. No Game No Life: Zero is overall a great anime movie, I really do recommend it, I bet that you will be watching every minuite not getting bored even for a second as the constant and sudden actions as well as the idea of treating war as a game and succeeding in ending it makes it very interesting to watch, and very touching as the main characters get to know each other better throught the movie slowly starting to like each other.



8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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danielcwr Mar 16, 2018

You claim to have watched every minute without getting bored, and said it was one of the best movies youve seen related to a show, yet it was only an 8? I want to know what movies you would give higher than an 8 in this case XD