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Hello there, my name is DragonKestrel and I welcome you with open wings and talons to my profile page.


Outside from anime, I am a talented artist that loves to draw during my spare time, working and interacting with animals, playing video games, and helping to grow and work together with other users on websites that are missing data and information in a community, that would later help other people and users to gain a better understanding.

My thoughts on Anime

To me, anime is something that I like to watch as a whole that's entertaining for me, rather than watching childish cartoons that are targeted for a younger audience. I also love some of the endless genres that you can search for in an anime. Although there are a wide variety of anime's that are good to watch that catches a person's eye, I tend to have a little struggle looking for new anime's to watch, whether they are completed, ongoing, and upcoming. I prefer to watch anime and read manga's that feature a male protagonist in the story rather than a female protagonist (depending on the anime), though having them as supporting characters are also fine by me.

My favorite genres

Please note that my ratings and reviews are solely and heavily based on my own personal thoughts and feelings of that specific series and franchise. And are not intended to change your own personal preferences, thoughts, and feelings on that specific artwork and subject matter. Same thing aplies with certain characters that I like and can relate to in some way, as well as hating other characters due to various reasons.

My Rating Scale

5 - Heavily enjoyed the series to the very end, from the choice of direction and planning of the story, to the unique and thoroughly well-drawn characters and their own character development within a story. 

4.5 - Magnificent

4 - Delightful

3.5 - Stellar

3 -  Captivating to watch and read

2.5 - Good enough to be considered watchable and readable

2 - Close to being considered watchable and readable, but lacks one or more elements within a story

1.5 - Far from being considered utterly awful

1 - Not my cup of tea

0.5 - Atrocious, why is this even a thing. 

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Honestly though, I don't feel like he deserved that death. The whole anime would have felt better if it was sentered around him being an evil person, that's how I feel. I was rather hoping that she would die.

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Oooh! All of those seem so interesting, I'll have to check them out!

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