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Hi!!! This is my primary social anime profile I use so feel free to follow me or contact me; I'll follow or message back asap!!! Feel free to talk about almost anything; although this is technically an anime profile, if you need me for other reasons, or we discover other similar interests that you wish to chat about, feel free to talk. Everything doesn't have to be FMA, DBZ, and AOT on here :-) Also, please check out my Lists. I believe they are very interesting, and please leave a comment, good or bad, on any of them :-D

See my Top 50 favorite anime here

The 25 Women who Keep me Going Every Day

Favorite Genre: Rom-Coms, although currently watching more Action.

Other Genre I Enjoy Regularly: Harems, Ecchi (I'm a guy, kill me).

Genres I Won't Watch: Horror, Explicitly Violent.

That's some basic info on my anime interests for starters. If you have any questions, like I said, don't be afraid to contact me!!!

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sothis Mar 19, 2019

Hello, your comments have been removed for repeatedly violating the site's Code of Conduct (specifically, point 1 in the prohibited section regarding unwelcome sexual attention or advances). Please note that a further violation will constitute a ban.

UniversalParanoia1 Mar 15, 2019

Just wanted to say, welcome to the AP forums! (Sorry if I seemed mad earlier, didn’t know you were joking.) You seem chill tho, can’t wait for the buddy group! ^^

KarinXOXO Mar 14, 2019

Thanks for the follow! Xoxo

AhmedDz Mar 9, 2019

NP Thank u FOr Following Me u 2 :D

Kuroe3 Mar 7, 2019

Thanks for the follow :) Hope we can be friends!