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xjimoanx Mar 12, 2021

I like psychological, isekai and yaoi. Some of my favorites would be:

Psychological -- Tomodachi Game

Yaoi -- Megumi to Tsugumi

Isekai -- The Beggining After the End

And I like some sports animes,

but the only one I'm really watching right now is Sk8 the Infinity

xjimoanx Mar 12, 2021

Thanks! I followed you back.

What type of anime are you intrested in?

UltraInstinctVegeta Feb 23, 2021

Aw man lucky i wish i had a break during school. In my school its just class after class and we get no break. My favorite song well thats a hard one but my fav 60's song is probably "Roses Are Red My Love" my fav mexican song is "Los Tres Amigos" my fav internet rap song is either "Mr.Money bags" or "Breakfast in Heaven" sorry that is was long. 

If you wanna talk about writting or poems sure anytime although im not that good at poems but ill try my best. 

XZeLoX Feb 19, 2021

Thank you for the follow I would really recommend to you One Piece and Tensura but you should watch World trigger and also Kings avatar I think that you would like those

Melody0 Feb 19, 2021

Oh and I would recommend The promised neverland if you haven't watched it. :)