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1/3 of this movie isn't that bad, actually it is quite good if we compare this with the disaster that 3.0 was but don't be fooled, later on one character is written out for no reason other than psychological manipulation (has its own page on wikipedia because this trope has been done so many times that well it's become a damn trope example: Gwen stacy/the amazing spider-man comics) and the movie went downhill after that and 3.0+1.0 became a complete mess of pseudoscience, nonsensical vaguely Christian babble, and people infodumping stuff the previous movies should have established earlier and not in 20 minutes  (Anti-universe, Eva imaginary, bits of information about what happened between 2.0 -3.0 , Asuka's backstory..and more) 

it's so depressing that Anno thinks satisfying the audience means sacrificing every interesting thing he has going on as a filmmaker and just creating anime-colored paste of flashing lights and dramatic speeches (and CGI because it's cool or some shit) and after 1h 20m of a lot of references to ultraman, Uchuu senkan yamato (star blazers), BYE BYE JUPITER and more  ANOTHER IMPACT (no pun intended) is triggered and it's basically instrumentality 2.0 but with Gendo instead of shinji and everything here including characterization and execution is  a poorly attempt to recreate something that was lost long time ago.

BTW My biggest grip with 3+1's ending is that Shinji's real problem was never the Evas, EoE had an anti-escapism message (the negative consequences of the Third Impact weren’t wished away and shinji had just to roll with it) but here shinji rewrites reality as he sees fit, a reset ending in which everyone is happy resetting a timeline where humanity struggles against the consequences , so there are no consequences for any action (which it's bad because that's not how the world works) and shinji is a salaryman with Mari as his GF for reasons that are beyond my comprehension not only ignoring what eva 3.0 told us about the world "YOU CAN(NOT) REDO" (you actually CAN, you just need the right spears and giants robots) but also goes against EoE and NGE. Making Evangelion Another escapist fantasy.

P.S. WILLE's crew behave erratically, hysterically with no rhyme or reason or explanation (sakura and that pink haired girl)

- If you are a mecha fan (just like me) the fights are not that good. This is not tekkaman blade, Char's counterattack nor something meaningful like Argento soma - Ideon Be invoked. 

Be invoked:

blade vs Evil:

Amuro vs Char:

Argento soma EP 24:


Because I value story over everything else and none of the fights since 2.0 have been satisfaying at all.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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