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Welcome to my profile! I'm not good at lengthy and good looking profile overviews, so this will be something really barebones, since I don't know what to really write. I'm a HUGE JoJo fan (in case you haven't noticed), and I like watching anime from all types of genres. If you have any recommendations feel free to drop them! 

(Also my review ratings are based purely on how much i enjoyed them, not how objectively good an anime was, so let's ignore my high SAO reviews, thanks 💀)

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Crizy Jun 26, 2018

I knew it XD

Did you check the new SAO season ? (The Alternative GG)

I haven't started it yet but maybe this week I'll try it out, it's just that since it isn't really the same series with the same characters I haven't really thought like "Holy shit a new season gotta watch it now" ;)


Sinon or Asuna ? :o

Résultat de recherche dimages pour Sword Art Online Sinon or Asuna


I see you didn't watch No Game No Life: Zero :o

If you loved the TV series you'll probably love it, even if it isn't exacly the same characters because it's about what happened in the Great War before Disboard and the coming of Sora & Shiro

Résultat de recherche dimages pour No Game No Life: Zero


Yeah I also liked KonoSuba, probably not as much as you do but it was good x)

I liked all the characters of KonoSuba and I know a lot of people LOVE Megumin though I don't really love her more than the other characters but the show overall was pretty good :)

Résultat de recherche dimages pour KonoSuba


You should try to watch GATE, you'll probably love it and it's also one of my favorite animes :3


Résultat de recherche dimages pour "Anime GATE"

Crizy Jun 21, 2018

Hey, thanks for the follow !

I'm glad to see your ratings are very similar to mines,nice tastes ! ;)

Got any favourite anime ? (SAO I guess :)

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spapag2 Jul 20, 2016

Hi!! Welcome to A-P! ~

I hope you find lots of new anime and manga, make new friends, and most importantly have fun ~ so enjoy your time here ^.^

If you have any questions or just want to talk, please feel free to reply!