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See alot of people speak highly about this story, but i did not like it at all, its about a kid that marries a old noble and when he dies she does her best to keep the kids safe and raise them well, but they pretty much takes a dump all over from she enter the house to the day she dies, she ofcourse ressurected back in the past again and things go better, but i really cant forgive the kids, this story is made up around the idea "kids cant do anything wrong and cant take consequences for their actipns" 

I refuse to belive im some spesial super child who could use his head at younger age and take the consequences for my actions, so when i could behave and when i did bad i knew why i got punishment and i learned from it, seing kids like in this story get forgiveness in a way for driving their mother to death just made me hate them even more, so if you belive kids up intill they are 18 are incapable of thinking and is worse than a mentaly disabled person and cant take the consequences for their actions then this story is for you.

But if you think back at your childhood and can remember you actualy could think for your self (even if you where a bit inexperienced) then this story isnt for you, i got a stepmum and stepdad my self to, sure i never got as alose to them as as real parents, but i treated them well.

4/10 story
3/10 art
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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Samibot Nov 2, 2022

Wait, hold up 3/10 for art!?!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY? What magnificently drawn manga have YOU been reading that this is a 3!

Samibot Nov 2, 2022

Interesting ~ I didn't get that at all.  The children were being inconsiderate of the MC, and only thought of their own pain; and being children, they projected their resentment into her.  

HOWEVER, nobody (except the mature MC) acted like the children weren't in the wrong.  Even the children themselves realized it and felt horrible about it. 

The story focused on the children REALIZING THEIR MISTAKES and the MC learning why she is here.  It is a tale of fate, family and failure, not a 'oop, I've regressed and now everyone loves me and all is forgiven' story.

If they had just brushed off the children's behavior, I would agree with you. Fortunately, they didn't.  The children acknowledge their mistakes in BOTH timelines and feel genuine remorse after accepting THEY were at fault.  The ND decided not to hold it against them, that was HER choice. 

If you wouldn't have that would have been yours (and probably mine too).

sassykillua Sep 13, 2022

You need to raise your standards and take your eyes out of the gutter

Kristantine Dec 8, 2020

Wow a 3/10 for art? You are hard to please