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The Twins' New Life

Nov 6, 2020

Pretty trash to be honnest, since its twins MC its hard to live your self into ut so you dont get to close to the two MC characters, at the same time the twins complain and complain and complain and complain and complain, its no damn end to it and it gets pretty fast boring, they meget a random shady kid/guy who says something and they 100% trust them, but if any of the people who show any concern for them say anything they complain and act like compleate asswhipes.

Its not often i say this but these two are on my top 5 list og unlikable MC characters, in the start they mother abuse the hell out of them and they act all good, but when she dies and people who show care for them come they act like trash torwards them, made me wish their mother ressurected to be honnest they didnt deserved better .

3/10 story
9/10 art
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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hfdskjdfjak Feb 24, 2023

Actually, they were abused and they couldn't do anything about it, because they were kids. FYI, if YOU were in this situation, what would you do? You would hate your mother too, for abusing you. Abuse does a whole lotta shit to you, making you have trust issues and messing up your mentality. This is why they were rude toward other people. Like how would you be able to trust other people in that situation? It's not easy to earn someone's trust again, especially people who've been through abuse. If you were abused by your parents/guardians and you "treated the people who cared about you like trash", you're saying that you would want to be abused even more?? Do you think that being abused is hot and sexy or something? It sounds like you have a loose screw in your head lol. In the plot, the dad and the brothers went to save them after the mother died even though they could've done it WAY before. It's also the fact that they were scared of everything but each other because they were still suffering from their trauma and Arien(the girl MC) saw the mother die a traumatizing death. Also in chapter 3, they said "We can't trust anyone else". There's even the fact that they have been abused every single day when they were at least 5 years old and always healing back due to their powers. In chapter four if you read you would've noticed the fact that Arien was mad that the emperor only looked for them now after five years of abuse, and no just because he was under the curse does not mean he should stop trying to look for them, like sending someone there to work as a maid. It is also the fact that they have almost been assassinated and kidnapped. It does not even matter if the dad and brothers cared about them because they couldn't trust anyone. If you read to the latest chapters, you can see that they are getting better, as they can trust them. By the way, it's not "my top 5 list og unlikable MC characters" it's my top 5 list of unlikable MC characters" and it's not "in the start they mother abuse the hell out of them" it's "in the start their mother abused the hell out of them". In conclusion, you are the real asswipe here and need to shut the hell up.