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A Town Where You Live

Jan 10, 2019

Has it ever happened to you? Sitting down to write something but you can't really seem to organize your thoughts? I have no clue whatsoever as to how to approach this one.. This anime to me is as strange as the vast universe we live in and i certainly don't mean that in a good way, as you may have gathered by my rating.

At first i thought there was something wrong with my neuron system, maybe my brain's wiring wasn't allowing me to enjoy this piece of art in a way that would.....Touch my soul or me strings or some other slang romance enthusiasts like to use every other sentence. So i went to the hospital and had a doctor check me...The results were terrifying...I was in the terminal stages of bullshit intolerance and i've been told that this is an incurable disease but it won't affect my day to day interactions with people or animals for that matter.

I left the hospital devastated, i had no fags, no money to buy some and i had parked my car 2 blocks away from the damn hospital. So as i was walking i tried to come in terms with this new disease of mine, tried to embrace it..So i thought to myself that all is not lost, i shall beat this fucker in the ass and be a normal kid again..I came back home, poured a drink and went to google, my old pal who knows everything about everyone, and suggested i should try a shock therapy..That sounded dangerous and to be honest i like a bit of danger. I'm not what you'd call and andrenaline junkie but i quite fancy the idea of chemicals causing my reptilian brain to go berserk.

Of course this being a shock therapy wasn't a piece of cake..More like a piece of concrete falling from a 3 story building and hitting you on the head leaving you for absolutely dead.

And this is where A Town Where You Live comes in...From the very first episode it attacks your senses like aids attacks your immune system and if you don't know what aids does to you, why don't ya ask Freddie Mercury how that went? Well you can't cause he's dead but anyway.

And the first wave of attack comes in the form of animation..From the very first seconds the animation was like a night out at Vegas with a tablet full of acid. You are still able to see things but you see in waves of blurriness and with no sense of real focus...And of course hallucinations are a nice touch as well. What i want to say is that the animation is close to atrocious and weirdly colored and blurry and it gave me eyes herpes. The characters themselves are well drawn don't get me wrong but everything else is not good, at the very best it's basic. I'm not sure if it was a copy issue or anything of that sort but it seemed wayward to me.

The second wave comes in the form of the characters and the story hitting you in turns for maximum impact, maximum amounts of vomit and massive internal injuries. The story goes like this, once upon a time there was a boy named Haruto and lived with his parents in the countryside..One fateful day a girl named Yuzuki came to live with them..No it's not like that you idiots get your mind out of the gutter..She was the daughter of a friend of Haruto's father or something like that..Anyway Haruto is plain and simple an annoying twat. He treats her like crap and for no obvious reason other than him being an asshole. Sure one can make the case that Yuzu is a klutz and a helpless case who can't do anything on her own, from walking in a straight line to breathing without the help of a special committee. So Haru has to help her with everything..Keyword here being "help"...Simply put he is one of those guys who go after broken people so he can fix them in the hopes of them not leaving him.....So one thing leads to another and they ended up together? I'm still not sure on the details but that's what happens..She then leaves for Tokyo and after some time of long distance relationshiping she found someone else.

Is anyone here surprised? Nope? Well hear this and be amazed at the idiocy that this anime has to offer...Haru being a creep and a stalker among other things decided to MOVE TO TOKYO to find her...Got that?

From that point on some insanily stupid stuff happen and Haru jumps from girl to girl while always being in love with Yuzu and still being an obnoxious fuck with no moral restriction whatsoever.......Other characters you say? Well yeah silly there are other characters..His hot sister being one and Yuzu's redhead hot sister as well..Oh yeah there was another one who went by the name of Kazama and he, He was a damn likable character. He was an aquaintance of Haru's sister and they became friends..And guess what? They killed him off...But before they did that they had to make him the 3rd wheel and the one Yuzu dated while in Tokyo.

So animation that can kill life organisms 2 galaxies away, a story made possible by an angry teenager on drugs and characters that are as believable and relatable as Spongebob..Music and VA was....There..

Now i know this review wasn't as long or as full of details as you'd expect but i simply cannot put every single thing that is wrong with this anime cause the servers of the internet would explode..Do you want that? But then again i'll give this anime the pro of being at least a bit realistic..I mean people are shit and they do shitty things and they use each other to get what they want and they fuck you in the proccess..That's an unwritten rule of human relations. On that front it did well, mind you that's not saying much since most times it ditches realism for downright idiocy but at least it tried and i'm a nice guy!

I can't and won't reccomend this to anyone, even to people that i hate with a burning passion. But then again there are people out there with little to no sense so don't blame me, blame the world we live in and the society like everyone seems to do these days.

1.5/10 story
3/10 animation
3.5/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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