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Bokura ga Ita

Jan 8, 2019

Soooooooo....Bokura ga ita huh? What can i say? I like punishing my self for my past mistakes and all the things i did to people...Or maybe i just practice for the day i die and go straight to hell..Now fair warning there's gonna be too much swearing from this point on so if you're one of those fruitcakes who get offended over bad words, may i suggest you get the hell away from here and into your bubble.

But we are not here to discuss my issues or my afterlife vacation plans, no..We have gathered here to talk about anime, so buckle up my beauties we are goin' for a ride.

And we start with NOT the story but strangely enough with the animation. Why? Cause it would scar my soul (if i had one) less if some maniac strapped me to a chair and bit my loved ones to death, shorthly after fucking them in the arse with a steel dildo. I don't mean to be rude to the animators.....Who the hell am i kidding, i hope they die a painful death for inflicting this civil war wound onto me. Honest to Mithra this is way more painful to watch than 80's era anime.

Ok let me give you some examples..The characters are drawn like apes, with huge ears and weird body structure and what's even worse is that they look like I drew them instead of pro animators..And some legends say that my drawings are being used to summon ancient demons from other dimensions. But that isn't the only thing that's keeping me awake at nights.....It's their damn eyes. Every 2 seconds there's bound to be a scene where either the characters will litterally have no face at all or even worse they only have one eye drawn or even one eyebrow and no fucking eyes. EVERY 2 FUCKING SECONDS. How low was the damn budget for them to not being able to draw 2 eyes and eyebrows in every scene? Or where they bored and didn't even bother?

Anyways the animation is so horrid it can make you sick in your stomach.

So..What about the story Dion?

Oh yes the story..Now here is my second biggest problem with this one, cause the story, while on paper seems quite ok and interesting, on screen not so much.

It starts out as your daily slice of life-romance-high school anime where the female main doesn't like the handsome brute of a male main but because she is a woman she doesn't know what she wants so she decides she wants him after all..That's called being stable kids and staying true to your opinions. After this they start dating or something but they always seem to stumble upon many troubles, one of them troubles being their parents who cock block the couple each time they try to get some action going, which to me is buffling cause for the life of me i can't understand why Takahashi would want to fuck Yano in the first place.

To put it into perspective, the guy is a huge douche from top to bottom towards her and her being a small minded idiot that she is finds his whole persona cute?! He doesn't hit her or anything but apart from getting physical everything goes....To bring some justification to the mix, the writer thought it was a good idea to put a harsh backstory for Yano.

Poor poor Yano as we find out, had a girlfriend who was...Let's say the equivelant of a male slut(see bitches,i'm all for equality) and not only that but she was also in an abusive relationship before hooking up with Yano..But the hands of fate had other plans for her and the abusive bf cause they both died in a car accident which left our little lad broken cause he couldn't fit in his small head that she would go anywhere with her ex....Poor bastard i really felt sorry for him, you know..Learning at such an innocent time in his life that people are lying scumbags who ought to be stabbed and left bleeding in the moonlight.

So what did Yano do after that? He actually went and fucked her little sister!!!!

Let that sink in for a while...Ok?....Shall i go on?

So Yano not only is an asshole but also doesn't know where not to stick his sausage and he now can't trust women as a result so he makes Takahashi's life miserable...At this point you might expect me to say that all goes well, she comes to understand how toxic this thing is and leaves him...Nope, she keeps on staying with him even when she dumps him...How's that possible? Well even i can't tell..Seriously i'm one of those people who have a hard time ending a relationship but if someone is being a total bitch to me i'll kick her in the abdomen and go for some drinks.

At this point the writer also thought it would be a good idea to put some love triangle in there too in the form of his best friend liking Takahashi and slugging it out with Yano for her eyes..How poetic....And how idiotic is that? Honestly what is this? Some teenager's fantasy about what the ideal knight romance should be?

Long story short Takahashi develops an obssession with his ex and won't go back to being with him unless they talk about her...I'm sorry but when was the last time a woman wanted to hear all about your ex? I get it being curious what with the situation being as fucked up as it is, but who would dwell on it for months? Well i would for one, but that would be for my personal gain.. I'm always on the look for sick stories to laugh about with my mates.

I think you get the picture at this point..It's like watching the chronicles of someone who could never let go of her teenage fantasies about the ideal romance and decided to mash them into a green and blue and beige slime.

I've said in the past that when writers have many ideas and try to cram them all in there it almost always ends up in the shitter and this anime is a prime example of that. I liked how she tried to implement real life situations and even ones that aren't being presented in most anime and hooray and all that shit but the way they were thrown in there was less than ideal.

The way the story was divided was atrocious. 26 eps that were so drawn out they felt like 103 eps, characters that were supposed to rock this place to the ground but ended up being as boring as a clown in a kids party despite the somewhat fucked up background. There were times were the whole thing was going nowhere and just sat there idly showing irrelevant things or even nothing at all..

And to add insult to injury the voice acting was subpar and i'm being very generous here. What i think happened here was that they went outside, picked up some strangers of the street and brought them in to deliver the acting..I cannot find another explanation for such empty performance on their part. No emotion whatsoever and no volume...When i say no volume i mean i had to crank up the speakers all the way up to 11 to hear what they were saying. 26 eps of actors whispering their lines.

I really wish i could have liked it cause if nothing else, it had some promise. But if failed to deliver in every way possible. Now if you want to watch this go ahead and do so, just don't say i didn't warn you.

2.5/10 story
0.5/10 animation
2/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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