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Once again i must warn the people of AP that my reviews contain strong language and if you read them you're gonna end up in the psych ward...Or so say the admins of this site like i'm delivering a hate speech or i'm the key note speaker for a KKK conference..So with that outta the way let's put this baby to sleep.

And we start with the obvious..The story.Well there is one but i'm not sure it's being utilised properly..I mean,gods,angels,a battle tournament,boobs.......This is made from stuff of dreams,it's like swimming in a pool of cream with babes feeding you grapes under the hot mediterranean sun.It's heaven on earth,but somehow the writers thought that wasn't enough of a thrill...No they wanted to give us something to make our brain's circuits fry,something to make every fiber of our body wanting more and more until we are passed out on the floor covered in our own bodily fluids.Much like that chick then on the very first ep where she is......Tentacle raped!!!I'm completely sold.In fact from this point on,i'm gonna sell everything i own and buy every dvd,every limited edition they produce,figurines and shit and spend the rest of eternity worshipping an exact replica of the creator's head.That's how much i love the story.

For the characters part i shall now turn to baby Jesus who once famously said:"Let them nude,huge boobed bitches come to me and spank dat ass with some divine lovey love"..And who am i to say otherwise?If the son of God says so and i say so you are in for some treat..

The soundtracks and the VA are like an angels choir,lifting your spirit to heavenly heights.

At this point i must admit i'm fucking with you but now i'm gonna get serious..

Cause i'm astounded by the fact that this piece of otherworldly shit has much,much,much,much better animation than most of the "serious" anime.This anime in other words shows the world that even if your purpose is to produce...Well almost hentai quality anime you don't have to add insult to injury by making the animation dangerous.I've said time and again that no matter what the animation is the most basic pillar.And this one delivers the goods.It's by no means the best thing i've laid my eyes upon,but considering that this anime won't be watched by that many people(and let's be honest it won't)and won't be heralded as the Van Gogh of animes,it certainly shows that the creators showed more attention and care to that department.And that can't be said with the utmost certainty for many animes out there.The fights are fights they are not stills of people pushing people and dare call that groundbreaking animation.The movements are movements not jiggly,juddy;doodley drawings.Don't get me wrong i'm not saying that this is good animation,cause it isn't.BUT it's way better than most.

To sum it up.It's shit,the story is there for decorative purposes,the characters are as interesting and developed as a rotting corpse,but it has some stunning piece of animation.I won't watch it again,i won't even advise you to do so.It's bad,it's crap and by the end i wanted to go all emo and cut my wrists.So if you are not in the bussiness of commiting suicide......Watch something else.I know i am..

1/10 story
3.5/10 animation
1/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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