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The Story of Saiunkoku

May 16, 2017

There are many types of anime viewers out there,but i think you'll agree with me(well most of ya will at least)the most idiotic and irritating ones are those who see the ratings and then watch an anime and then rate and review accordingly,cause they don't want to interrupt the hype flow,those who rate and review based solely on emotion(i liked the manga,i liked the LN so it must be good even though it came out a dead elephant's ass)..And then there are those who feel special and everything they see,touch or feel is special by default..And guess what..Of course they're not but hey who the fuck cares right?As long as there's love in the air and bees sucking flowers and birds on the trees and that shit..

Well i care for one..I hate with passion this we must love everyone and all is mended by love and romance will set us free fascists.I want mayhem,i want destruction and death.I want a character called Velociraptor Cunt-thrust to take out his AK47 and gun down Moe cutsie Barbies.Why?Because THAT will be more interesting than animes like Saiunkoku Monogatari.In fact everything i wrote up till now is more interesting.And i haven't even started mauling it yet either...Shitkoku bollockatari is like going to work at the salt mines.Your head feels funny and heavy,your eyes wander around the mine,you see the dust and dead people around you you know you are gonna end up dead too if you don't work but you still choose to do something else..It's the same with this.It doesn't catch your attention.You just leave it at the background while doing the laundry.

With the exception of the first story arc i found my self asking the same question..What was the story again?The whole thing feels like it's a big artificial world made just for the main heroine.Every path she takes is like it was very conveniently set for her.It's a world where nothing can go wrong for her and to add insult to injury every single man on the land always comes to her rescue...Did i mention she is government official in Dynastic China?No?Well i did now,what more do you want from me?..And somehow every and each man falls for her..From the super attractive and magnificent to behold villain to the super attractive and magnificent to behold emperor to the super attractive and magnificent to behold rest of the cast..I did get a hint at some point that even her super attractive and magnificent to behold uncle wants some sugar too...Sure Dion,you might say,there must be good things about it right?...Well yes..It has many story arcs and they have some cohesion..But if the story is so poor it doesn't matter..But hey,this is fluffy and pink and drama and romance..They don't need a story right?FUCK YOU of course they do.

In fact this is such a light drama,even Bambi or the damn little pony are better than this at being a drama.Whatever tension and mystery was faintly there at the beginning in a very sort notice was gone and replaced by..Well everyone wanting to stick their sausage to Shurei.The whole show has no real feel to it it has no identity of it's own.It's sucked in whirl of Japanese and Chinese medieval stereotypes.It also has some supernatural elements but for the life of me i couldn't find what was the purpose of them being there in the first place.They had no relation or added weight to the story whatsoever.

The characters are...Uninteresting,flat as a washing board,an insult to humanity's progress.Shurei is probably the only character who has an iq with + in front.Every other character is there just there being attractive and waiting to be used by Shurei.

I can't remember EVER a show i've seen failing so miserably at incorporating politics.It was as painful to watch as it would be watching Tranformers talk about the dangers of global warming for the entirety of the show.

The animation?Oh yes..We don't need animation in dramas..Put some fancy boys there,some smiles here and some backdrop for the heck of it and we're ready to go.

All in all this is a show for girls who think of themselves as princesses or for boys who still don't know how to use their penis.Even so i can hardly believe anyone will thing of this crap as masterpiece.It's way too long for it's own good.39 eps of being drawn out,doing nothing,showing nothing and in the end as interesting as George Bush Jr.

2.8/10 story
3/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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