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if im watching the anime then i'll finish it some day
even if its bad  

Fav Anime:

1 ) Naruto

2 ) Deca Dence

3 ) Haikyuu

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ my nr 1 husband ♥

Volleyball babies — Bokuto Koutarou • Riku vs Kuumakkuo - Tumblr blog | Tumgir

Fav Characters:

Forum - Missfashion.pl, gra o modzie dla dziewczyn!Joker (Fire Force) - GIF on ImgurPin on Attack On Titan ❤️

Kakegurui gif/pics - Midari - Wattpadnaruto | Naruto shippuden anime, Naruto uzumaki, Kid narutoJUJUTSU KAISEN — Why are you a Jujutsu sorcerer? To spite them. I...

Yaracuy The Motherlandanime astrology. — The signs as Soul Eater characters:Souls expression does not change at all. It is literally priceless... |  Soul eater evans, Soul eater, Soul eater death

men—even heists on the wing! TheseIcon | Kaburagi (Deca-Dence) | Anime, Wallpaper, Desenhos

                                                                                     there wasnt any good gifs of kaburagi 

My Most Hated Characters:

sakura haruno sakura gif | WiffleGifTamaki Kotatsu 💛 shared by White on We Heart ItGabi Braun Pfp : At myanimelist, you can find out about their voice actors,  animeography, pictures and much more!

yellowsavie - Tumblr blog | TumgirImagine Deadman WonderlandKakegurui gif/pics - Erimi Mushibami - Wattpad

My Fav Ship ATM:

Maka albarn soul evans idk why these look so crappy GIF on GIFER - by Mezahn

Fav Songs:






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DieBonny#9047   : Discord

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oyaeileen Mar 8, 2021

haha, so I saw that you commented something on my profile a while back but I don't hate the characters, I just have no interest in them lol. have a nice day or night though!

Gazsi Mar 1, 2021

it's non of your business what I watch , fuck off 

Gazsi Mar 1, 2021

I hate all attack on titan characters, not only one 

naruto I find it annoying a lot of people agree with me he is a terrible character

about kelller bee man I hate hip hop in general for me it's the worst music genre ever made and you want me to like killer bee?

sunev Feb 27, 2021

how can you hate levi

sunev Feb 27, 2021

bc i find them annoying thats all