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sothis Aug 11, 2017

Hi there Diddiken! I was just checking out your custom lists, you have some good stuff there. Are you familiar with the featured custom list program? It's basically a way to promote custom lists so that they appear in anime/manga entries. If a list has a good title, descrip, and reasons for each item those usually qualify as featured :) (as long as they aren't personal tracking type of lists, such as 'anime I watched in 2017'). 

I've updated your lists that meet the linked guidelines such as best comedy, harem/ecchi/comedy, not worth watching, etc. By the way, for lists where the order is random, consider using the new "auto-sort: alphabetical" feature on the edit custom list page. The site will automatically sort whatever you add as alphabetical for those lists. 

I was wondering if you plan to add reasons for your One Piece chars list? http://www.anime-planet.com/users/Diddiken/lists/top-ten-most-hated-one-piece-characters-56138 if so let me know as I'd like to mark that one as featured as well :)

thanks for all your diligence with custom lists!

KonradKozak Feb 20, 2017

You are awesome.

Have a good day!

darkflamex12 Apr 5, 2016

i dont have any that i can think of right now, but if i do i will comment on your profile

Hjeckydell Feb 7, 2016

Not enough time in the world!!!! ;_;