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Bat Love - Vampire BLs

A list full of vampire men that will bleed you dry. Happy nosebleeds!

BL Men over 30 - A Curated Collection

Much like fine wine, these men have gotten better with age. Ahjussi? No, ah-juicy! Oyaji, gimme, gimme!

Bottoms Up! - Ukes take Charge

A list to celebrate the a-typical uke. These ukes are all about being extroverted, feisty and dominant. You won't find any shy and scared ukes on this list.

Completed BL with 6 Chapters or Less

A massive list of BLs that are completed with 6 chapters or less, not including oneshots. Working my way through reading them all.

Cutest BL Babies

Adorable babies and children from BLs.