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I can never seem to find a Bio that I actually like. All the ones I write kinda look like shit, but I'm just going to keep this one... hopefully.

About me;

I am Ray Junters, and that is a pseudonym. You shall never know what my real name is, unless you knew my old profile bio, then you will know what my name is. I watch anime (ohh what?!, didn't see that comin!) and I read manga from time to time. I watch more anime than I read manga, because anime lasts longer... I think, or it's just personal preference. In Manga, I'm pretty sure you wait a week to read a 30-80 page chapter, which takes about 5-10 minutes to read, depending on how fast you read. So every week for manga, you get 5-10 minutes of entertainment. But, with anime, each week, you get 24 minutes of entertainment, unless the anime is finished, you could just watch the whole thing, and if it's something like One Piece, you'll get somewhere around 200+ hours of entertainment. This was calculated by multiplying 24 by 700 (roughly the amount of episodes One Piece has) and getting the number 16,800. What I did then, was divide 16800 by 60, and got the number 280. And 16,800 minutes is roughly 280 hours. No, not roughly, exactly. Anyway, enough with complicated mathematics (not actually that complicated), let's just move on.

Top 10 Anime I've Watched;

10. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is a great anime and was actually one of my favorites at the time, then I watched a bunch of other epic anime, and then this ended up getting pushed to the bottom of my top 10 list. Angel Beats! is about the life of dead people, literally, but not zombies. People in the afterlife just trying to live, and not disappear.

9. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is not the most fascinating anime that ever existed, but it is pretty good. Some people think the anime is overrated and some think it is pretty good and I am on the pretty good side. It isn't that overrated, it's well treated for how good it is. It's about literally, the title. Killing a bunch of Titan's (giant ugly as balls things) before they destroy the entire world.

8. Noragami

Noragami is about Yato, who is a minor god, and only wants his own shrine to live in peace and shit. I can't be fucked doing explanations, but I will do small ones for every anime that is on this list. I won't be going into detail, though, if you want me to go into detail, read some of my reviews. I won't go into anymore detail except for this. Yato is a minor god now, but he plans to make it bigger. Meets woman named Hiyori, then changes his life... I guess.

7. Mirai Nikki

I pitied this anime when I first saw it. I absolutely fucking hated it. The way it ended. The plotholes. The crazy psycho-bitch yandere stalker girl crazy... crazy... crazy... okay, you get it. I just hated this when I first saw it, and ended up stalling it at the last 4 episodes. A year later, in 2014, I had nothing else to do and decided to watch the entire series again. I loved it. I ended up liking all the characters, the psycho girlfriend stalker Gasai Yuno, and everyone else... except, I'm not too sure about the main protagonist that is kinda... a pussy. Mirai Nikki is literally it's title, there are twelve diary owners, and they have diaries that can predict the future. If their cellphone or whatever they have their diary on is destroyed, they'll die. So, the term "My cellphone is my life" actually has a meaning now. So, Yukiteru Amano must do whatever he can to survive.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Usually it takes me a while to get to like an anime, I need to watch at least 2-4 episodes. But, with Tokyo Ghoul, I liked it from the start. After seeing the first episode, I just knew I had to watch more. I ended up finishing the anime in the day, and waiting for the new season. Of course, the new season released a year or so later, or in the exact same year, but, I just watched other anime til' it came out. Tokyo Ghoul is about ghouls that eat people to survive... in Tokyo. A guy named Ken Kaneki goes on a date with a ghoul (of course he didn't know she was a ghoul) and a massive metal pipe thing fell on them and they almost died. The girl did die, but Kaneki survived and had all the ghouls organs transferred into him. So, yeah, Kaneki is a ghoul now. And, yeah...

5. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

Also known as, Love, Chunnibyo & Other Delusions, this anime is a romance, comedy anime and it's really good. And funny. A girl named Rikka Takanashi wields the most powerful thing to mankind, the Tyrant's Eye... in her imagination. In reality, she is just a normal high school girl effected with eighth-grader syndrome which makes her believe things that aren't obviously true. She meets a guy called Yuuta Togashi, formerly known as the "Dark Flame Master". Togashi must prevent Rikka from doing anything stupid, so she doesn't look stupid... so yeah, it's good. I don't want to go into detail. Bye. Next one.

4. Death Note

Death Note is my first anime and is still very close to the top of the list. It's a pretty simple story, and it makes you think anyone could of come up with this, but apparently not, considering that these people are the ones that thought of it first... well, the manga creater. Death Note is about a 17-year old top of the class high school student named Light Yagami. He is bored out of his mind, and one day he spots a book falling from the sky. It appears to be the Shinigami's Death Note. He doesn't believe it at first, thinks its utter bullshit, but takes it with him until he gets home. He turns on the TV and changes to the news. A criminal is keeping 284301238941724319237498143 children hostages, and the criminal's name is broadcast onto the television. He writes the criminals name in the Death Note and he was about to turn off the TV until it turned out that the criminal actually died of a heart attack. At the time, he thought it could only be a coincidence, but he goes into public and tests it out for real. He sees a couple of rapists about to rape a girl, then the girl escapes and the rapist goes after her on the motorbike. Light wrote his name in the Death Note and the guy died of an accident. This proved to Light that the Death Note was real, and he was going to get rid of every rotten person on the world. Yeah, I know, awesome, right?

3. Steins;Gate

Has the exact same voice actor as Light Yagami for Okabe Rintarou. Great. Mamoru Miyano is a legend. Steins;Gate is about people in a lab, that isn't really a lab, trying to invent futuristic gadgets. Okabe Rintarou, the mad scientist, Shiina Mayuri, the cosplayer and Daru, the super-hackar. But, all of their inventions are kind of pieces of shits, and they suck. The only one that is remotely interesting is the Phone Microwave, which turns bananas into oozing green gel. One day, Okabe sends a text message to Daru which Daru's phone is connected to the Phone Microwave. It turns out that the Phone Microwave could send text messages into the past. This holds consequences... very... very bad consequences, consequences that Okabe may not be able to handle. Yes, we need another consequence inserted here. This anime is great. Sci-fi lovers should like it. If not... get out. Just, get out. And time travel, too? Still don't like it. Die, then. Die... [email protected]#@[email protected]#%!#

2. Shiki

Shiki is about vampires, and is the anime you have to watch if you want to see vampires done right. Something is happening in the small village of the name that I forgot, which... vampires seem to be inhabiting it. Ya. Vampires everywhere, sucking blood, shit like that. Pretty much it. Is good. Watch.

1. Monster

Not much of an explanation needed. Is one of the best anime I have ever seen, wait, actually it is the best anime I've ever seen cause it's on the no 1 spot. Aight, just watch it.

Top 6 Characters;

5. Yuuki Natsuno - Shiki

Is top tier. Is from Shiki. Has purple hair. Is badass. No more explanation.

4. Ken Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul

Is badass. From Tokyo Ghoul, became one of my favorite characters, cuz, yu know he so badass u know dis shit rite? i talk real man.

3. Migi + Shinichi - Parasyte -the maxim

Migi is Shinichi's hand, that is a parasite. Shinichi is a person who got infected by the parasite named migi, obviously.

2. Dekomori Sanae - Love, Chunnibyo & Other Delusions

Is extremely fucking funny. Favorite character in this anime and almost of all time. So cuuuttee, too.

1. L - Death Note

I don't think I need a short explanation, neither a long one. This is pretty self explanatory. L, is just epic.

0. Johan Liebert - Monster

Decided to add this one in. Johan was actually one of my favorite characters, no, my favorite character of all time. If he didn't exist in Monster, Monster wouldn't of been as good as it actually was. He was the heart of the show, the point of the show. Literally.

Good nuff', I'm not writing any more shit here.

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gothvulture666 Jul 16, 2019

you must be off your face to love medusa and think shes the best character in the show, she's shit and how she treats crona is shit and if you don't mind that then you must be shit as well

Shizuka97 Jul 17, 2015


I'm glad we almost like the same kind of games and anime! Btw I am not really watching all those anime I just might of started and stalled them but haha I'm to lazy to actually change the settings ^^' I really have to fix up my list as I'm just putting stuff aimlessly in sometimes. And yes, I am watching fmab and not fma so I better change that since it's a lot better. Oh and I really don't have a problem watching lots of anime at once that's the one thing I'm actually good at X3 since I get quite bored of one thing easily but I end up going back to it later.

But thanks for the suggestions!

xCanaxCherry Jul 4, 2015

Hello Mr. Stalker :3

I rewatch a lot of my favorite animes, that's why I have 6 months I guess.

Haydoss110 Jun 14, 2015

So you love L too aye? nice! haha that dude is an absolute legend

Abdslam May 12, 2015

Konnichiwa, Welcome to Anime Planet ! Enjoy your Stay here ^_^