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AKMKW Feb 20, 2021

....I don't get why you guys hate her so much '-', she like an average cute character, who is there to support the mc and give him hope, even when naruto first liked sakura, I felt bad for naruto because even if he kept putting his life for her. She only cared for Sasuke and didn't release how much he cared for her, it was painful to watch.

On the there hand, she's shy because of her backstory, so I get why she is so shy. Furthermore, when she came to narutos' life, it was like a boost to his life and development 

sasukeanti Feb 15, 2021

LMFOAO right I don't understand how Hinata is so well-liked her entire personality is "naruto kun"

hisokasbungeec0m Feb 13, 2021

LMAOOO YOUR COMMENT SENT ME,, but i hate to break it to you sakura not chiyo killed him, he ended his own life because he wanted to be art

nightmarexshinobi Feb 9, 2021

heyy noo spooilers publically man

candydr0ps Feb 4, 2021

i didn't take your initial comment as ill will, not did i mean my response to come off as such either.

your initial comment didn't specify who you were referring to, so naturally i assumed it was about sasuke since he's one of the very few characters i ""hate on"". but if this isn't about him then feel free to disregard the previous comment.