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Hi my username on almost all my online accounts is Desert Flower.


Because it is one of the meanings of my actual name. Thats probably the closest you'll get to it...

Anyway i'm on Anime-Planet for one, kind of obvious reason, well two of them:

  1. LOVE anime~
  2. LOVE manga~

So yeah (: thats about it as far as that goes.

As for my BIO-

I'll give you a few details on that.



I would consider myself a mild otaku. I'm not as hardcore as the ones out there but still. I realise to some its considered an insult but I don't see it that way.


At first I come across as an extremely quiet person. DON'T be fooled. It may seem that way but once I let go of my insecurities and lose my fear of rejection I am quite the crazy person as well as random and weird. Also quite violent if you get me angry enough- Which actually takes a lot believe me. ~ Which brings me to my next point.

When i'm im my comfort zone-


I'm a generally calm person who is at times a bit timid but not shy. When with close friends i'm quite bubbly and talkative. I am a rather analitical person and tend to feel strongly about things like conflict and world issues. I like formulating my own opinion from the hard facts and i'm good at debating things (in my head that is). I have my opinions but i'm not really good at voicing them because as i've said and mentioned i'm timid and I have this slight fear of rejection.

I'm often daydreaming about mystical and fantasy like things. Though I come across as a very factual person i'm very imaginative and creative. And although most people see me as a mature for my age i'm rather childlike. I've heard many people call me innocent.

I'm not a girly girl at all but i'm not a tomboy either. To be honest I don't think I fit into either category. I tend to just do my own thing and I don't really stick to sociatal norms in that sense. I tend to use a large vocabulary and a lot of people say I talk like an old person or I use words that nobody else uses anymore. Well~ they call it old I call it proper english. Because of that I can be quite eloquent and articulate when speaking but thats once i'm in my comfort zone. I can also be quite good at acting. I can create and imitate characters with a certain amount of ease but thats only once i've gained enough confidence and practiced it before hand. I'm not very good at on the spot things at first as i'm easily flustered. Given enough time I can learn to adapt however

I'm a soft person and amongst my peers i tend to take the role of mediator or responsible sister figure. I have a soft spot for kids and i'm very good at explaining things and concepts to people. My parents say I would make a good teacher but thats not exactly what I want to do.


There we go a nice brief overveiw of my personality {: If you made it this far call me impressed.

In case you haven't noticed i'm a sucker for detail.

Right anyway...










 My favorite anime quotes are:

It doesn't matter if we're wrong...because every time we go wrong, we'll continue to look for the right answer.
 - Hachiman Hikigaya 
(Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku)

From episode 13.

Take advantage of what you have, while you have it.
 - Korosensei (Assassination Classroom 2nd Season)

From episode 21.


The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.
 - Korosensei 
(Assassination Classroom)

 Examined from another angle, your faults and weaknesses can be weapons.
 - Nagisa Shiota 
(Assassination Classroom 2nd Season)

From episode 10, time 15:05.

People with talent often have the wrong impression that things will go as they think.
 - Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom)

After all, justice in this world is just a bunch of principles, made by those with power to suit themselves.
 - Ciel Phantomhive 


As you can guess one of my favorite animes is Assassination Classroom.

I also have a lot of favorite anime songs like...

...and many others          



One of my favoirite anime movies is Hotarubi no mori e~

The feels really get to me though


Anime series~

Anime movies~






Izaya Orihara: Durarara

Shizuo Heiwajima: Durarara

Touka: Tokyo Ghoul

Karma Akabane: Assassination Classroom

Nagisa Shoita: Assassination Classroom

L: Death Note

Lelouch vi Britannia: Code Geass

Erza scarlet: Fairytail

Kaneki Ken: Tokyo Ghoul

Ciel Phantomhive: Black Butler

Mirai Kuriyama: Kyoukai no Kanata

Rin Okumura: Blue Exorcist

Yato: Noragami

Kurisu Makise: Steins Gate

 San: Princess Mononoke





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FullmetalDragon Oct 15, 2017

Hey! It's been forever - how are you? 

Just recently me and a couple of others resurrected WECO, and we're looking for people who'd be interested in having some fun and occasionally greeting some new members with us! Would you be interested? No pressure of course, but it seems like something you might be interested in, so I thought I'd let you know :D

ewrs Dec 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Sianeka Dec 3, 2016

Just checking in with you to see how things are going?

Sianeka Oct 28, 2016

DesertFlower says...  I'm actually rather interested in joining the committee. I was hoping to do so I just wasn't sure how. Thanx by the way, I think your profile is pretty awesome too.

Wow, I'm soooo sorry.  I usually respond to my profile comments MUCH more quickly, especially if someone is interested in WECO.  But I got crazy busy at the beginning of the month, and am only now going back thru my comments to see what I missed then.

If you are stil interested, I'd still LOVE to have you join WECO.  Please let me know, and I'll set you up.  And I promise it won't be such a long delay before you hear back this time!

Sianeka Sep 30, 2016

Hi! I’ve noticed you greeting new members here, so I'm guessing you think it is a good idea to give a nice hello to new members that join the site. Therefore, I want to invite you to become a Supporter or Greeter in the A-P Welcoming Committee (aka WECO).

Supporters endorse the idea that WECO welcomes new members to the site. There are NO OBLIGATIONS involved in being a Supporter.  No extra work that you need to do; by becoming a WECO Supporter, all you are doing is saying you agree it is a good idea that the group welcomes new members.  Greeters are more active and greet new members on a regular basis as part of WECO participation.  They are the heart of WECO.  Please  let me know if you are interested and I can send you more information.

Please consider joining as either a Greeter or a Supporter.

WECO members make a difference on the site!

(PS I also love Hotarubi no Mori e!!!!)

(I love your bio, especially the anime quotes. #3 in particular.  I really, really need to watch AssClass!!!!!)