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Dolly Kill Kill

Jun 30, 2019

     The first few chapters of Dolly Kill Kill are incredible, if you're into bleak, dark, post-apocalyptic horror-esque stuff- which I for one, definitely am. The art in the beginning of the series is very reminiscent of Jhonen Vasquez- Big crazed eyes, and ear to ear grins. It starts off with 'dollies' big, cute, fearsome aliens invading the world and sucking people up. Alien bugs make people's skin rot right off their bones. A wonderful set up for any horror manga. 

    That said, somewhere towards the middle it starts to lose track. It becomes less of a horror manga, and more of an all out battle manga. Still good in it's own way, but definitely a noticable shift into a brawl type series. It feels a little drawn out, and a little rushed at the same time, somehow. 

    The series tries to build up the characters with their own unique personalities, but ultimately falls short of making them relatable. Each character gets a few key points / gimmicks, and that's pretty much where it ends. (example: The main character, Iruma, is mainly focused on killing a particular Dollie ((Marie-chan)) for revenge, having the motto of "if I say it's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay!" and being infatuated with his senpai. But... that's kind of it). After introducing a few elements for each of the characters, it basically ends there. There's not any big character development, other than winning/losing fights. Not a lot of personal growth, and not a lot to make you feel attached to any of them.

    Towards the last few chapters, the series feels very rushed, and ends somewhat abruptly. It turns out the series ended up being canceled, and you can definitely see where the Mangaka rushes to finish it up before the cancellation deadline, resulting in honestly not really having an ending. It ties a few points together, but you don't get to see the final outcome of the battle, leaving it rather open to interpretation. Not necessarily a selling point for a horror-battle manga. It created a  lot of build up with no actual delilvery. 

    Without a doubt the real selling point of this series is the ART. Really unique, and really fitting. The premise of the series was still great, but the lasting impression on me is the art of the dollies, and the dollhouses.

  tldr: Read it if you want to. Sort of disappointing ending, but unique enough plot to enoy it nonetheless. Not particularly anything special, but a nice way to pass some time.

7/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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