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{First quickly, if you're here for the Dub Link for Anime-Planets dubbed only catalog or the Dubbed Challenge Link for viewing. They are the only two links on the page and are highlighted and underlined. Thank you for stopping by.} 

(Update: After having the same 2 paragraph bio here for 4 1/2 years . I actually wrote one that explains why I only rate shows in my best unbiased mano, but don't write 10 point reviews  because I'm not an actual critic  just an avid fan of anime)

Dub link( direct link to anime planets full list of dubbed anime catalog. See the Dubbed Challenge Link at the bottom of my bio for the link to, and story of the challenge put on me to watch 1000 dubbed anime series by 2020)

Note: All anime series watched and rated on the My Life on Anime statistics portion of the profile are all dubbed anime series, with the exception of Random OVAs, special release release DVDs Etc, that were never dubbed. 

But there is a very good and quite interesting reason for that. 

Okay, now that I got all that done, here is my new Bio. 

Here is my original bio from joining Anime Planet May 2015

May 2015: Huh, Don't know what to write...I do enjoy doing cosplay and AMV's at con's and stuff, but mostly when I win.

Cats, Star Wars, Star Trek,  Stargate SG-1  and it's franchise, and, Battlestar Galactica 2004 reimaged which, in my opinion, the greatest live-action television sci-fi show, TV budget-wise and best produced. But that's live action and we're talking about anime cuz this is an anime site  but this is my bio. And other Sci-fi/fantasy stuff like D&D, MTG (Magic), Skyrim, RPG or video games are great too! Astronomy, cosmology, and various Departments of physics are Hobbies of mine but definitely at the amateur level. 

HaHa, well just messing around with my first Bio here . Ask me for, or send me any great shows.


[well as of 2/8/2019 this is a real bio of me. Things in the Bio, like numbers and time passage, years and future dates, for example. May not get updated all the time. But, the statistics on my life on anime will always be current] Start... 

  The thing is I don't write full reviews. But, I rate every anime I watch. After watching anything for 40+ years I see the limitations of genre and anime is especially redundant in this issue. But that's why my star ratings are so equal. I see new people come onto the page and they give five stars to all their favorite shows. Also, if they are a super noob, say for example, I have seen them 5 star all 10 to 15 they've seen. But after me watching over 600 shows, some shows multiple times, which puts me in the 23,000 episodes viewed range. These are shows I have watched multiple times. These tend to get my highest star markings but I don't mark everything as a five-star because I think it's my favorite or because it is the newest release. I rate them throughout the entire series or season of total story continuity, art, and effects, even original visionary Concepts. Then they get my star rating basis thanks to this site. The shows I have have access to, tend to at least be 3.5 Stars and that's me being unbiased but if you check my watchlist you'll notice things like Fairy Tail or Sword Art Online and many 'MANY' other multi popular anime like FMA Brotherhood or the original still get high star rankings from me. It's got nothing to do with the popularity of the show from the rest of the anime community, some need I have to fit in with groups that often show early signs of the next breakouts, or be swallowed up and the fans mass consensus created by the advertising and marketing departments. It's just simply that they are just good shows.

  Key thing to look at if you are actually using anything I use as a rating system since I don't write reviews is how many re-watches I've done of the shows and I believe that's listed in the website if you click on a user's name at the moment. But, I'm trying to keep this in a non timeline format. However, for this instance I must mention Fairy Tail 2018 episode 1-8 have aired dubbed so that's what I'm watching at the moment but I'm not going to jump out and say oh my favorite anime is back! It gets 5 stars automatically. I'm still judging it fairly I've been on this website for many years and just don't have the time or talent to do a full breakdown review of every anime I watch and I think I'm at 628 shows as far as series goes not including movies. So for me to have broke down each one of those in an unbiased but critical review in a 10 point scale would take another lifetime and I would miss out on what new and improved things are coming out so it's taking me five years to change my bio but I hope that you can understand that I value the shows I watch already the best I can. anything I rate 3 - 3.5+ I believe any anime fans should watch at least once. 

       Okay here's one tricky or confusing part.

 I have put 3.5 in two separate categories at the same time. Why? How? The fix is this, a viewers genre preference. Yes, Anything I put 3.5 falls into must watch once. No matter the genre. But there are some rules to be met before viewers should step out of their comfort genre. A few as a start, subject matter, age requirement, story synopsis (example: if the only way they can get to watch is to go to a store and buy a nonrefundable hardcopy and the synopsis isn't of any interest to them. then it has failed to meet the requirements for purchase  and viewings at least at that time.  do you want to watch on their photo file page  spend  beers like + someone should watch more than once  unless they have an idyllic memory or quote-unquote photographic memory because there's things in there to be missed and I binge watch my anime episodes in full seasons at a time the standard being 1-13 episodes or 25-26 episodes a season. So I took a year to watch all 268 of Fairy Tail (and the 10 eps of Fairy Tail Zero) and  catch up on my favorite live action shows. while I'm making AMV's. So for an entire year the only AMV's s that I was making were from Fairy Tail but they've all won in my heart, and I've never Place less than 3rd place in the last 9 years that I've entered AMV'S into a con... and it's just a hobby, combinding two of my favorite things. Music and anime. 

HISTORY (1971 - 2019)

I guess I've watched anime for a few years. Like when Starblazers and Speed Racer aired (seems like forever ago) in the US mornings before I'd go to school. [This was in the seventies and both my parents had jobs and drop me off at a daycare center that drop students off at school in the mornings] In the morning Star Blazers and Speed Racer aired on TV (About 1973 to 1976) and the daycare allowed us to watch these cartoons which at the time weren't known quite as anime yet before loading us on the bus to take us to Public School in Memphis Tennessee. {43 years ago actually is the best math I have to count my first animes I watched aired in the US }. Even at around 5-6 years old these two shows combined had all the features of fiction/ fantasy/sci-fi I needed to fuel my mind. 


Dubbed Challenge Link ( in 2012 I had returned to college and was on break between classes watching some anime. I had several groups of friends some who just completely didn't understand anime and why this group of people that we're also anime watching friends of mine were so into the stuff he said he tried to watch it his complaint was the subtitles and the distracting noise in the background of hearing a language you didn't understand that he just couldn't get the story and like many people have spoken with just found the whole thing stupid. so there were about 10 people sitting around us at the time and it sounded like a challenge to me so I told him that I would watch 250 complete anime series all in English dub. And if I could do that then he had to start watching a short list of dubbed animes that I consider my favorite and give it a try and the 10 people at that table all agreed cuz the people at that particular time I was sitting with were all video game and Skyrim fans not my group of anime fans or group of a fan Watchers which most of the anime group I hung with were all sub only Watchers so I was even an outsider. Even though I watched both subbed and dubbed I just prefer to subbed as I'm getting older and reading Subs is harder on my TV or computer anyway point being there will always be Subs over dubs anime fans and vice versa that's just the way our Community is in the west or USA. I accomplish the goal quite quickly actually using the link that I've provided here which takes you directly to the website that I watch all my anime and normal American cartoons on. so even with people graduating, dropping out, playing just moving on. That group of 10 Skyrim players we're friends on my Facebook page so when I reach 250 I put a list of what I thought the best of those 250 dubbed animes were for them to watch so I had completed the challenge but that wasn't enough for me I decided to go for watching 1000 dub animes before 2020. I'm at 640 right now so that's not going to happen just because that's 6 months from now and I have watched so many dubs that I've caught up to where I have to watch them on a week-to-week relais bases release bases the only difference is thanks to using anime-planet I can track how many times I have watched each series take Fairy Tail for example which may not finish before 2020 otherwise breaking that goal wouldn't be possible but I have watched the first 266 episodes of Fairy Tail 6 * so I've done that with many of my favorite shows and thanks to the check mark box of times watched on anime planet my anime list I've actually watched over 22,000 episodes which if broken down properly by 2020 would definitely be over 1000 animes series that's based on the standard 13 episode seasons versus the 24 to 26 episode Seasons which most light manga anime are based off of 2 shows like bleach one piece and fairy tale, which are continuously going on as long as the writers are coming up with new stories.  the dub Link at the top of my bio takes you directly to anime planets complete dubbed list for cataloging any other anime that you use on anime planet as a catalog of you'd want to watch haven't watch won't watch and what not. The the link here at the beginning of this paragraph. dubbed challenged link, takes you directly to the website where I watch first dubbed anime, subbed anime. So if anyone ever dull tells you they just can't stand anime because they hate reading subtitles Now you can tell him where to go


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Dellsimkin Nov 24, 2019

November 22 2019, I finished my 699th Anime Rating on Anime-Planet. (all Dubbed, as it was a challenge given to me at a Anime Con) So, including that I have re-watched many either because a new season would release and I like to start back at episode 1 as a refresher before starting a new season, or that I just like watching my favorite shows again, many I've seen 6 or 7 times. My total Episodes viewed is 23,771. My is to have watched then rate over 700 by 2020 based on the challenge in 2012. From a mixed discussion of how to get new people to our anime world and Subbed vs Dubbed debate at the 3 day Hamacon anime convention in Huntsville AL. The actual challenge it's quite detailed. To add to this single post. However if anyone would like to hear the whole story or requirements and reasons that it came about. I can add it and comments if anyone asks and I believe it's in my bio on my profile but my profile is extraordinary long now considering it was two paragraphs for 4 years when I first joined anime planet. Yes I watch Subs as well but I use a different list for those.

EternalYumeLove Jul 14, 2019


Thanks for your recommendations!  I'll give the "Mysterious Girlfriend" anime a try! Yes, lol, I am strict with my ratings. I only give high ratings if the story is really original, the characters are all (or atleast the main) likeable and deep, each episode is interesting enough to make you impatient for the next, it actually moves you emotionally (you feel their happiness, feel scared when they do, or feel sad during sad moments), and if has a good ending. These qualities are rare in most anime.  As for "The New World", watching each episode was a struggle... I just watched it to complete the anime... it wasn't interesting enough for me. Btw, I really like your bio... it's cool that you cosplay! I really appreciate you taking your time to recommend romantic anime for me! 

Dellsimkin Jun 23, 2019

Well after repeatedly being told how good Naruto Shippuden is, and without knowing how many episodes it involved 500, I finally broke down and watch the original Naruto 220 episodes. Over the last eight years I've tried to watch the original Naruto eight or nine times and make it to about somewhere around episode 11 before the guy drove me nuts. But I pushed through it. And now I'm right about episode 150 of Naruto Shippuden which has turned out be quite good after all however, it's going to limit me to about 650 anime series viewed by the year 2020 my goal was 1000 but 700 episodes of Naruto well break my 23,000 views individual episodes of anime goal for the year 2020 this was based on a bet from a school buddy back in 2012 they just couldn't comprehend anime at all or any reason to enjoy it as he had only tried Subs and aside from trying to read the story couldn't keep up with what he called the noise of the Japanese language in the background distracting him from the entire plot which I can understand so I sent this challenge finding as many dubbed animes as I could which continues to this day. Unfortunately there are things like Dragon Ball super, white girl over rise of the shield hero and things like that that I have to watch sub because they're dumping them and blocks of 7 to 13 episodes every couple of weeks and I'm impatient

jacobw1ooo Oct 30, 2018

Yes i Stalled right after the christmas party part, possible during.

jacobw1ooo Sep 14, 2018

I watched up to episode 17. I think 20 or 21 is out now.